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MC Vertinho is arrested after conviction for rape of vulnerable

One of the biggest names in cheesy-funk, MC Vertinho, 28, was arrested for rape of a vulnerable person on Friday night (22). The case took place at his concert in 2012. At the concert, he was filmed pouring whiskey and licking a 12-year-old girl – in simulation of sexual practice. Vertinho had already been arrested in 2015, but was released and awaited trial. MC Vertinho was unknowingly tried and was taken by surprise when he was arrested, according to the family. “It was a shock for the family, because this was something that took a long time. We thought it was shelved, because the lawyer didn’t inform me anymore and didn’t chase after it. We thought it was shelved because they were old things. 8 years old, he had just turned 18,” revealed the MC’s mother, Vanusa Maria. “Not only did this show house have this little girl. Everyone knew there were several girls. Not even he had invited her to the stage. He asked ‘who wants to dance horny drink?’, which was a big hit at the time, and several girls wanted to go on stage”, said the mother about the situation. “He needs this freedom, because he needs to work, he’s a musician, he sings and makes music. And he needs to take care of my mother, because he lives with his little voice. He went to São Paulo, signed a six-month contract to record clips, to support his children”, points out Vanusa.
MC Vertinho was arrested in Caruaru, in the Agreste region of Pernambuco, and was sent to the Cotel, in Abreu e Lima, this Saturday morning. The artist must also go through a custody hearing.Originally published on JC Online

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