Mass Effect TV Series: What Do We Know? Release? Cast? Plot?

Mass Effect TV

After the success of The Wheel of Time, Amazon intends to continue to focus on the fantasy genre. For this reason, it is one step away from reaching an agreement to develop a TV series based on Mass Effect, a video game developed by BioWare. Jennifer Salke, head of Amazon Studios, said, as reported by Deadline:

“You will see us investing in the fantasy of any kind, we have a team focused on this genre at Studios, working tirelessly with our creative partners on these projects, and you can expect even more.”

At the moment, unfortunately, we cannot provide you with previews of the plot of the Mass Effect TV series since, as anticipated, the final details have yet to be discussed. What we can do for now, therefore, is report the premise of the video game.

Mass Effect TV Show: What Is The Plot?

We are in 2183, an era in which humans can travel in the Milky Way thanks to an alien technology discovered by chance during the exploration of Mars. Over time, the human race has managed to create a certain reputation in the eyes of the Citadel. 

The Council meets at this huge space station, a government formed by the three most politically and militarily relevant races. Civilization, however, is threatened by a race of artificial creatures known as the Reapers. It’s up to Commander Shepard to stop the action of a corrupt agent so that the invasion of these machines stops.

Mass Effect TV Series: Do We Have A Release Date?

You understand that to date, and there is no release date of the TV series Mass Effect. It’s far too early to know when this new show comes out. At best, perhaps we could talk about 2023. We will see how things evolve in the coming months.

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Mass Effect TV Series: Who’s In The Cast?

With work not yet started, the Mass Effect TV series cast has yet to be revealed. We will probably not have any news about the actors who will participate in the project before 2022.

We can tell you that the protagonist of the story should remain, Commander Shepard, the character through which the player acts in the video game. We look forward to learning more. As soon as we get the first news about the cast, we will update you immediately.



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