Marvels Hit Monkey Season 2- When And What to expect on screen? 

Marvels Hit Monkey Season 2

Hit Monkey is a 2021 American Tv show written and produced by Josh Gordon and Will Speck is said to be Marvel’s most baffling and bravest project till date and features a cast led by Fred Tatasciore, Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Munn. 

The plot of the show

It follows the story of a wronged and vengeful Japanese snow monkey who is on a mission to take revenge on the people who killed his family. 

The gun-toting monkey and his ghostly human mentor Bryce,an American assassin, are capable of giving fierce competition to Marvel’s most dangerous villains as they wreak havoc in the criminal underworld in the city of Tokyo. 

Hit Monkey is inspired by a real Character from Marvel Comics having the same name and after it’s premiere on 17 November 2021, it has been well received by fans and critics alike for its action packed storyline, well drawn characters and style and has garnered a lot of favourable appreciation. 

What happened previous episode

As Bryce arrives in Tokyo where he’s assigned to kill a PM candidate, he gets badly hurt.  The monkey tribe treats him in the mountains, but he gets captured by his enemies and kills him and the entire monkey tribe. Only Monkey survives, and swears to exact revenge on the killers. 

He is assisted by the ghost of Bryce, who helps him to train in the martial arts 

Release date

Although the makers of the show haven’t declared any official dates, they are keen to bring the show back  and already have planned out details regarding the second and third season and they have optimistic insights about the show’s future. 

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We can expect to watch it on screens around 2023.

What to expect

Most likely, the spotlight is bound to be centred around on Lady Bullseye, as there is a lot to be explored about her character. 

Bryce too is likely to continue to support and assist Hit Monkey in his mission to exact revenge on his tribe’s killers and finish them off. 

In addition, the voice cast of the show is expected to remain the same.

Where can you watch it? 

You can catch the show on online streaming platform Hulu if you are from the US.  For most of the other parts of the world, you can stream it on Disney  Plus. 



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