Marin Cilic’s serve against Carlos Alcaraz that defied the rules of tennis and even confused the automatic Hawkeye at the US Open

NEW YORK.- The victory of Carlos Alcaraz against the Croatian Marin Cilic, in five sets and finished at dawn in this portion of the United States, qualified the wonderful 19-year-old Spanish player for the quarterfinals of the US Open, allowing him to maintain his possibility of reaching the top of the ranking (he would be the youngest in history to do so). The meeting, at the Arthur Ashe, was of the highest hierarchy. However, in the midst of high-intensity points, there was an event linked to a technical aspect of the Balkan that drew attention and even triggered various comments. Cilic, 33 years old and currently 17th in the ranking (3rd in 2018) , began to attract attention in each serve turn, because during the preparation of the impact he placed his left foot at the limit of the bottom line; even, even on some occasions -visually- he seemed that he was stepping on her (it is not allowed to do so, of course). Patrick McEnroe and James Blake, former tennis players turned US Open TV commentators, also couldn’t stop focusing on Cilic’s foot and making comments.Marin Cilic and a service that generated controversy at the US Open, stepping on the baselineMany began to wonder why the technology that replaced linesmen since the pandemic was not working. The umpire of the match, the Swedish Louise Azemar Engzell, did not notice it either. Until finally the Hawk-Eye Live (Live Hawk Eye), an automated system with software and a camera system, reacted. “Foot fault (lack of foot)”, was heard in the stadium during a movement by Cilic. To retain a kind of “human nuance”, the Hawk-Eye Live has built-in recorded voices yelling “out”, “fault” or “foot fault”. And different voices and languages ​​can be used. Foot fault”, was heard again in another Cilic serve. And it even happened one more time during the almost four hours that the match lasted. After that reaction from the technology, Cilic (the only Grand Slam singles champion still standing in the tournament) backed up a bit so that his foot left hand was not on the line when preparing to serve. In such a tight match, losing points due to this technical flaw was too much of an advantage against a rival like Alcaraz who practically shows no flaws.The final greeting between Carlos Alcaraz and Marin Cilic at the US OpenThe final handshake between Carlos Alcaraz and Marin Cilic at the US OpenMike Stobe – Getty Images North AmericaThere was some confusion as to whether Cilic was committing a foot fault. The rules are clear and state that the tennis player cannot touch the baseline with the foot “during the service movement”, but the chair umpire’s call is made only once the player has impacted the ball; the movement itself, without putting the ball in play, is not a reason for sanction. The serve, finally, ended up being a valuable aspect for the outcome of the match. Cilic hit 14 aces, but committed 13 double faults (3 and 4 for Alcaraz, respectively). The Croatian, Juan Martín del Potro’s generation partner (he was born on September 28, 1988, five days after the man from Tandil), achieved only 51% of first services, won 71% of points with the first serve and nothing more than 48% with the second. The records of Murcia, in these three items, were higher: 72%, 62% and 60%. Alcaraz generated 18 break points for Cilic, but broke him six times (33%). Carlitos continues, dazzling the great public in Flushing Meadows.

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