Manifest: Season 4

Manifest: Season 4? What Is Known About The Final Season

The production of the new Manifest episodes for Netflix has now started. Here is every detail regarding the upcoming final season of the show.

Manifest Seasons 1 To 3

The mystery series Manifest now comprises three seasons. Initially, the series about the survivors or returnees of Flight 828 was produced by NBC. But when the audience numbers no longer lived up to expectations, this would mean the end, and NBC no longer extended the contracts.

Manifest On Netflix? What A Fan Should Know

In the USA, things are different. There the three seasons are available on Netflix. However, only recently. Seasons 1 and 2 were added to Netflix USA in June. The third followed a few weeks ago. Netflix had only just announced that the third Manifest season would be the last. 

However, the streaming giant had done the bill without the mystery fans. Because Manifest took the platform by storm and generated record streaming numbers. Netflix promptly changed his mind. A new season was commissioned very quickly.

When Is Manifest Season 4 Coming?

The production of the new season will take some time. That includes shooting – which begins now – and post-production. A release in the first half of 2022 can be expected at the earliest.

If the episodes run on Netflix every week, this could make the release in early 2022 even more likely. It is also possible to split the 4th season in two, as is currently the case with Money Heist.

Netflix: Season 4 Production Started

Production of the new episodes for Netflix will start in mid-November 2021. The crew and actors have already arrived at the production site in New York, as several postings on social media have already confirmed.

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