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Mango enters fully into the metaverse and NFT digital art

Mango strengthens its commitment to metaverse and the digital art. Between collecting, the impulse of trends and the technological bet, the love between signatures of fashion and virtual art begins to take shape, this time in the form of NFT (Non-Fungible Token). As part of the inauguration of its new store in the fifth avenue new yorkMango has announced the co-creation of five unique digital works from five pieces of Miró, Tapies and Barceló. The physical works of these artists and the virtual works will be exhibited in the new establishment and in a space metaversespecifically in the Museum District of Decentraland. Mango and its president and founder, Isak Andic, they do not want to be left behind in everything related to two of the entrepreneur’s personal passions, art and collecting. Mango has presented in New York before the international press his new metaversian wager, virtual but very real art that is not for sale but may be in the future. Digital commitment and brand image. Especially fashion.

Mango has also presented in a complementary way new ‘wearables’, some of which will go on sale and others will be given away. These wearables will take the form of pins or badges that can be worn virtually on avatars of the metaverse. A commemorative t-shirt has also been created, 100 units in NFT form. Wink to young and technological clients. Jordi Álex, director of technology, data, privacy and security at Mango, pointed out that “Mango’s development in the metaverse environment is one more example of the company’s innovative character and its strategy based on constant innovation. We have created a specific team dedicated to the development of digital content, to which new professionals will be incorporated over the coming months, with the idea of ​​developing new projects in the future that will allow us to add the virtual environment to the digital and physical environment in our ecosystem of channels”. The ultimate goal is to explore new ways of communicating with customers and how to convey the brand’s Mediterranean style to customers. According to Álex, “in the next 10 years, young people may buy clothes or ‘wearables’ for the virtual world rather than for the physical world and Mango must be attentive to that possibility.” To do this, the multinational is creating internal mechanisms and alliances with technology companies to satisfy fashion customers in any field. An non-fungible token (NFT) is a crypto asset that has the ability to be unique and unrepeatable. Thanks to blockchain technology, the properties of this type of asset can be stored and, in this way, it becomes possible to certify both the originality of the asset and its ownership. But the value and price of each NFT also depends on supply and demand, just like any other asset. Design, originality and exclusivity can also be associated with digital art and Andic wants to be part of this trend called to consolidate. Mango’s entry into the virtual environment of the metaverse represents another step in strengthening the ecosystem of channels and partners on which Mango’s business model is based. In addition, it reinforces the company’s commitment to digital innovation and the search for new relationship channels with its customers.

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Open Sea is currently the leading online marketplace dedicated to the sale and preservation of NFTs. Founded by Devin Finzer and Alex Atallah in 2017 based in New York City, Opensea is a website that allows the direct sale of non-fungible tokens at a fixed price or through an auction, based on the Ethereum ERC-721 standard. The company is already valued at about 14,000 million dollars. Decentraland is a 3D decentralized virtual reality platform consisting of 90,601 parcels of virtual land. It is an example of a metaverse, currently looking like a ‘sim city’ but with expectations of evolution. virtual property in Decentraland are the NFTs that can be purchased through the MANA cryptocurrency, which is based on the Ethereum Blockchain. Created in 2015, it was publicly inaugurated in February 2020, and is supervised by the non-profit organization Decentraland Foundation. Jordi Álex, director of technology at Mango. EPC Andic has always been linked to contemporary art. His first acquisitions focused on pieces by the most representative Catalan artists, bets that he has been combining with the work of various international and national authors. From established artists such as Picasso, Miró, Tàpies, Barceló or Plensa, to lesser-known ones, such as Jorge R. Pombo, Harding Meyer or Weng Fen, are part of its collection. The irruption of the metaverse and digital art is among Andic’s objectives in recent times. And fashion firms cannot turn their backs on aesthetic currents and styles. The metaverse wants to be one more link between clients and the times we live in. Culture is brand value for Mango and a differentiating element that distances it from textile brands more linked to technology and price, such as the Chinese Shein, for example. They are intangibles that although customers do not usually notice it, they involve the product and the company that produces it. Mango is conspired to evolve to a more valued brand image and the metaversian strategy is part of that general strategy. Mango has already announced its entry into the NFT market with the release of three unique artworks co-created with crypto artist Farkas this year and goes deeper into the matter.

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