“Making a country, right?”: the Government sanctioned bankers on the Pan-American highway

They are easy to identify. When the flow of traffic gets stuck or the circulation of vehicles is loaded and the speed drops, drivers who decide to overtake other vehicles on the shoulder to gain an advantage stand out. They are colloquially known asbankers”.In order to prevent road accidents, the National Road Safety Agency (ANSV) -which depends on the Ministry of Transportation of the Nation- carried out control tasks to detect and sanction the bankers on the Pan-American highway, North access of the province of Buenos Aires. “I’m in a hurry”among the most frequent excuses. This Sunday, the ANSV identified “bankers” through controls with motorcycle patrols and drones and even by complaints received from citizens. In all cases, the transport agency asked the jurisdictions where they have driver’s licenses to fine and suspend offenders.In a video broadcast by the ANSV, you can see the offenders who were circulating this last weekend on the shoulder. The short film compiles several episodes. “He walked about a kilometer on the shoulder, sir”, the agent alerted the driver, who justified himself by pointing out that he believed it was “an exit.” This is how the bankers in the North Access were detained by the authorities “My colleague is going to make the report for driving on the shoulder and, when not having a VTV, you have to withhold your license because it is a serious offense, ”said the uniformed motorcyclist. In another case, an agent asks a driver if something had happened to her that motivated her to drive on the shoulder. “Nerd. I’m in a hurry,” the woman said.“Making a country, right? Did you have to stop me?”, a man pointed out dazed when he was stopped by the ANSV representative on a motorcycle. “I have to stop whoever comes on the shoulder,” explained the agent. “I do not come by shoulder”, refuted the subject, who was recorded by the cameras circulating on the road defined as a detention area due to force majeure or as an escape route in an emergency. The sanctions arise from the Provision 384/2020 promoted by the ANSV, which allows the provisional suspension of the license to those motorists who present some type of alteration of their aptitude to drive and who register a serious danger for road safety.

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