Luis Majul: “Season of escraches”

The publication of a trout list of rich and famous who supposedly were given a subsidy that they never asked for, it is first, a symptom of despair. And, of course: a crude attempt to divert attention. A smokescreen.Toxic smoke, so that journalists, like those who pointed the finger at the mercenary Roberto Navarro, are more aware of these escrachesof this desperate move to incite violence, that of super inflation, poverty and the imminent request for a sentence against Cristina Kirchner, which could reach up to 16 years in prison.(Rial from C5N saying: “I’m not going to tell where I got the list of rich and famous from. Bah, yes. Today I went jogging with Luis Majul/ he talks about the box of alfajores/ the list of subsidized/ up to…here it I have). Box of alfajores, Rial said? The man from C5N alluded to two different things. One: the information we publish about the legal eavesdropping of dialogues between Cristina and her political butler, Oscar Parrilli, perhaps the most used journalistic input by the entire press since February 2016.This is accurate, accurate information. Emerging from a judicial file, which journalistic illiterates like Diego “Polenta” Brancatelli could not distinguish from fake news even remotely. to squeeze the judges.” The second thing Rial alluded to was a mysterious box of alfajores. A box of alfajores that, according to his former friend Luis Ventura, would have reached Rial himself, on radio La Red.But not with the candy inside, but with cashactive. A confession on the part, I reveal evidence. No? Look what a coincidence. Because The trout list of rich and famous was turned upside down not only by an employee of Cristóbal López and Fabián De Sousa, prosecuted and arrested for fraudulent evasion of more than a billion dollars, but also by Cristina’s main newspaper, Page 12. And it was revoked hours after the head of AYSA, Malena Galmarini, put as “emblematic” examples of “too cheap” rates a mansion in San Isidro and two buildings in the City. Why and for what would he have done it, the head of AYSA? So that we all think that this is not an increase in rates like the one criticized by the current Minister of Economy, when Macri ordered the same measure? let us swallow the lie that it is not a rate hike, but a “redistribution of subsidies”?Or is it the publication of the trout list, part of the season of escraches and folders K, whose last sample was that of Cristina, confronting the president, which she could show without any problem, her telephone number, and the identity of her who was speaking?File photo of Argentine Vice President Cristina Fernández during a ceremony to announce new agro-economic measures (AP Photo/Natacha Pisarenko) I will never forget that veiled threat.And not only because it was the first time that a vice-president has gotten involved, in public, with questions of the intimacy of her running mate. Also because at that very moment, Martín Guzmán resigned through a tweet, generating economic and political instability from which we still haven’t completely come out.Fortunately, today the Secretary of Energy, Flavia Royón, repudiated the publication of the false lists that came to Rial in an envelope that was not a box of alfajores. social and macroeconomic order. Because now yes, then, we can talk about what they don’t want us to talk about.And we can also talk about poverty, which continues to grow.Or that a million children skip a meal because their parents have no way to feed them. And we can also talk about the new day of allegations that is coming tomorrow, in which prosecutors Diego Luciani and Sergio Molas will begin to specify how many years of sentence are they going to request for Cristina Kirchner, De Vido, José López, Santiago Carlos Kirchner and Lázaro Báez, among others.because the Cause road It is not an illusion, nor lawfare nor an invention of the gorillas, right?You are at least 16 years old, it went through dozens of prosecutors and judges, it is made up of three tons of evidence, and there is no mortal who can stop it.

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