Luis Enrique vindicates Gavi: "He is a unique player"

Luis Enrique Martinez, Spanish coach, took advantage of the press conference after the game against Portugal to vindicate the figure of the young Blaugrana midfielder Gavi, of whom he stressed that “he is not indisputable, because there are none in the national team. Anyone who comes contributes. With him I have a feeling that he is still unknown in Spanish football, even for people who are close to him. He is not only a defender, he is a very special pure interior. He is a unique player”. The coach explained that he had had to replace the man from Seville “because has received a blow to the calf and I had cramps” and insisted that “I give my opinion. I do not criticize anyone, I say what I see and what I feel. I am not talking about his club. I have said that he is an unknown player with a ball in Spanish football”. Luis Enrique He had attended TVE and acknowledged that “I am without a voice, for a change. I am untrained. He was seeing that it was difficult to keep up with the pressure during the 90 minutes and that the match could slip away. But the team has been good, I liked it”. Recalling the previous matches against the Portuguese team, the Asturian coach explained that “it was a match similar to the previous ones. It was tied, but we were able to win and also lose”. And jokingly he added that there was a non-aggression pact because we want to celebrate a World Cup together”.

Luis Enrique He highlighted that “Morata has a goal in the national team, in his club and everywhere. His figures are not stratospheric, but he gives us in attack and defense. The team has been good and the players have bravely endured the heat and height of the season we are in. We have to take care of them and we are going to use all the players these days so that everyone can help”.

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great atmosphere

The coach added that “today I liked everyone and also the atmosphere. The public has been superb. I liked the idea of ​​the team against one of the best teams in the world. I hope we continue along this line”. And, asked about the reappearance of the blaugrana Ansu Fati, advanced that “you have to trust me. Ansu Fati is here to help us in the long term, but I think he still doesn’t have the necessary competitive pace and we’re not going to take risks, especially with him. I understand the public, but I make the decisions.”


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