Luis D’elia accused Cristina Kirchner of “not being a Kirchnerist” after her meeting with Carlos Melconian

the community leader Luis Delia charged against Vice President Cristina Kirchner after she held a meeting with the economist and former president of Banco Nación, Carlos Melconian. “Those who meet with [Carlos] Melconian”shot D’elía through a Twitter post. In a brief post, he clarified: “KIRCHNERISTS ARE NOT those who meet with Melconian and the garcas of the Mediterranean foundation. KIRCHNERISTS ARE NOT those who repress teachers and truck drivers. KIRCHNERISTS ARE NOT those who persecute social movements. KIRCHNERISTS ARE NOT those who sow discouragement.” In a dialogue with Radio Miter, Melconian revealed that he had recently met the former president and described it as an “institutional meeting.” “If an authority or a president calls me, even if I don’t agree with his ideology, I go,” he explained during the radio interview.“How is a president going to ask me for my opinion and I am not going to go? Since the return of democracy I saw myself with everyone and Cristina was missing. And well, the time has come. There was the institutionality involved and then it was divided. The institutional part was half an hour and the rest was actuality”, narrowed down During his time in the A24 study, the social leader deepened his reproaches towards Fernández de Kirchner. He considered that “after 21 years of an enormous attitude of solidarity with all the social movements – which I believe have put the country to the man – today they treat us as misogynists and thieves.” Regarding the social plans, and after the vice president criticized outsourcing and moved forward with its transfer to provinces and municipalities, she maintained that “it is not Cristina’s real intention.” “They don’t want to give them to mayors and governors. They want to give them to La Cámpora, to the structure itself”, reported. News in development

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