Lucy Fry: Complete Work History Of The ‘Night Teeth’ Actress

In the thriller “Night Teeth,” one of the central roles was of Zeo was portrayed by the young actress Lucy Fry. Not so much because of the fantasy of her name, but because of the many roles in similar films and TV shows.

The First Role

If you ask why, at the very dawn of her acting career, Lucy Fry got roles that were somehow connected with the sea, then keep in mind that the girl is from Australia, and there everything that is not a desert is the seaside. It was on this coast that she performed her first tiny role. She spent a few seconds as a tourist in the adventure film Fool’s Gold (2008).

Lucy Fry
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Now The Successors

She had to do a little longer in duration in 2012 in the series “Unearthly Surfing” and “Doctors from the Island of Hope.” Everything was very predictable a pretty girl in a swimsuit. Beach, sun, and good mood.

However, this image underwent a severe dramatic change in 2013, when it was decided to make the actress quite a “bather,” in other words, a mermaid, moreover, in the literal and not figurative sense of the word. This is how she got the image of Lila from the TV series “Secrets of Mako Island.” And since the mermaid is still a fabulous character, at the same time, one could say hello to the mystical world.

This mystical world accepted the Australian blonde with open arms, immediately offering one of the central characters in the movie “Vampire Academy” (2014). Lucy Fry was supposed to play Vasilisa. It is not entirely clear whether Beautiful or Wise. But in any case, almost Russian and with the surname Dragomir. Moreover, a princess of a whole vampire clan got into an unpleasant story.

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Then there was a cameo role in a very high-quality drama film, “Mr. Church” (2015). There is no mysticism or crime here, but we highly recommend the film, as it involuntarily resembles an “old movie.” Lucy Fry plays Poppy, a friend of one of the main characters.

She Steps Into Action

However, to offend the heroines played by Lucy Fry is not always as easy as it might seem at first glance. This is proved by Eve, the protagonist of the series “Wolf Pit,” which directly refers us to the 2004 thriller of the same name. However, if the power was on the side of the serial killer in the original film, then in the series, he may well be rewarded since Eve is a girl in the highest degree brutal.

The actress got an even more complex image in the TV series “11.22.63”. Since this is a fantastic thriller (a free adaptation of one of the works of S. King), the main idea looks pretty crazy: can the assassination of Kennedy be prevented? And since Lucy Fry’s character is named Marina Oswald, you can already guess her character in this mini-series.

We conclude our short review by mentioning the role of Tikki, the elven sorceress from the fantasy thriller Brightness (2017). The idea was excellent, to do something like a police action movie and neo-noir with characters from classic fantasy (goblins, fairies, and other elves) who lead an active criminal life on the streets of “unknown” Los Angeles. The idea was not bad, but the plot as a whole somehow “limped,” sometimes on both legs at once.


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