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‘Love Never Lies: Episode 1’- All That’s There to Know

‘Love Never Lies’ is a Spanish reality TV show. Netflix will be streaming the show. It revolves around the trust factor of a relationship. The main focus of ‘Love Never Lies’ is to show whether people in love lie to their partners. 

Oh, and yes! There’s a catch. Isn’t there always though? That’s how they keep things interesting. Read more to know everything there is to know about the show. 

Release Date- When Does ‘Love Never Lies: Episode 1’ Come Out?

With dating shows like Love Island being extremely popular nowadays, it is quite obvious that the wait for ‘Love Never Lies: Episode 1’ has been long and hard. Viewers enjoy such shows for their own different reasons. The first episode is supposed to come out on 11th November, 2021. Hey, that’s today!

Netflix will stream ‘Love Never Lies’. Currently, six episodes have been sanctioned to the world’s favourite online streaming platform by the networking agency of ‘Love Never Lies’. So, go on and watch the first six episodes today!

‘Love Never Lies: Episode 1’ Cast- Who All Do We Expect to See on the Show?

The names of the cast members have not yet been disclosed. The reason can be to build up the anticipation and excitement. We do know the host though. ‘Love Never Lies’ is going to be hosted by the famous Spanish singer Monica Naranjo. It’ll be an absolute delight to watch the beautiful singer as our host. 

‘Love Never Lies: Episode 1’ Plot- What’s the Story?

‘Love Never Lies’ is not your usual dating show. It is also not a game show. No, this Spanish show’s different. It’s actually quite a unique show.

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There will be twelve participants in the show. Six couples to be precise. Every couple will be subjected to a test. Yes, that’s the interesting part. Every couple will have to sit in front of an eye scanning lie detector test

The test is that of truthfulness. The couples will have to be truthful to each other. If they fail, they lose a part of their prize money. So everytime someone lies, it costs the couple money. 

The winning prize is a large sum of a hundred thousand Euros. The most truthful couple takes home not just love and trust, but also a big, fat bag of cash. That’s pretty exciting, right?

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