‘Love at Night’- Release Date

‘Love at Night’: Latest Information- Release Date, Cast and Preview

The Chinese TV industry definitely is on the rise. With their modern love stories, they have become extremely popular these days. ‘Love at Night’ is one such Chinese drama show. And let me tell you, this series will definitely become a global favourite soon.

To gather more information about the plotline, release date and cast of the show, keep on reading.

‘Love at Night’- Release Date

‘Love at Night’ has already been available for the viewers since the 9th of November,2021. The first six episodes of the show have been released on th every day it came out.  After this, the production house will release two episodes per week. 

Viewers may not worry, as both the episodes will be released on the same day. So, fans won’t have to wait for much longer for every episode. 

Cast Members

‘Love at Night’ is believed to have a blockbuster cast. Everyone who is an avid fan or a follower of Chinese drama will easily recognise the actors. The cast members are as follows- 

  1. Chen Peng Wan Li
  2. Gu Zi Cheng
  3. Li Si Qi
  4. Liu Xue Yi
  5. Zhang Yu Xi
  6. Zhao Yuan Yuan


 Plot- The Story Unfolds

Xu Qing You, our confident, smart, and wonderful female lead, is introduced in this drama. Xu Qing You is the Director Of The Operation Department at Lemi, a cosmetics company. Xu Qing You had her life planned out with her successful lover of ten years after years of hard work.

This picture of an ideal existence is shattered, however, when she discovers that her lover has cheated on her while preparing her wedding. Fan Yun Xi, her ten-year boyfriend, is understandably adamant about not letting her go. 

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Xu Qing You is also dealing with another major issue during these unpredictably changing circumstances. The nasty stranger she met when she was inebriated becomes the operation’s vice president the next day.

Furthermore, Xu Qing You has no recollection of what transpired that night. And Liu Xue Yi is giddy with delight as he observes her reaction.

Overall, the plot seems to be a rather interesting one. ‘Love at Night’ is also a happy anomaly. In the way that it gives the female lead a new and modern perspective. A positive representation of the female lead has been done in the show.

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