Louis Van Gaal, DT of the Netherlands in Qatar 2022, announced that he suffers from aggressive prostate cancer

a news that shakes the world of football. Much more so in a World Cup year and a few days after the draw for Qatar 2022 was made. The coach of the Netherlands national team, Louis Van Gaal, publicly told that he is fighting prostate cancer while serving as coach. His battle has been going on for quite some time and he even explained that he was irradiated to fight the disease in the same training center of the team that he directs. In a few days he will release a film about his life in which he recounts his illness. As a 70-year-old technical director made the announcement on the tv show Dutch “Humberto”. “You don’t die of prostate cancer, at least not in 90 percent of cases. It’s other diseases that kill you. I had a pretty aggressive form and had chemotherapy 25 times. I had preferential treatment at the hospital. They let me in through the back door when I was going on a date and they have treated me wonderfully. I told my friends and family about it and the fact that nothing came out speaks well for my environment, ”he expressed.Photo of May 15, 2014, the coach of the Netherlands Louis Van Gaal after an orange trainingThe news, in addition, was unknown by the players of the national team Dutch with whom he will play the Qatar 2022 World Cup in group A along with Qatar, Ecuador and Senegal: They don’t know. They see a blush on my cheeks and think: what a healthy guy he is. Of course, this is not the case,” said a Van Gaal. Another of the revelations was that “In each period of my time as coach of the national team I have had to go out at night to go to the hospital without the players knowing until now.” In line with that, he expressed the reason why he did not tell his clients about the battle he has been fighting for a long time: “I think you don’t tell the people you work with because it could influence their choices, their decisions.” Van Gaal will release a film about his life on April 11 at the Koninklijk Theater Tuschinski in Amsterdam and the way he deals with his illness is part of it. The Dutch coach has been followed by a camera crew for the past three years. He will hit theaters on April 14. While the qualifiers for the World Cup in Qatar were being played, Louis Van Gaal he hurt his hip when he fell off a bike and, a few hours before a decisive qualifying match against Norway, which they later won and gave them a place in the World Cup.Louis Van Gaal after the bicycle accidentLouis Van Gaal after the bicycle accidentArchiveThe accident occurred in the month of November 2021, when the coach was returning by bicycle to the team’s official hotel after training, one day after the “Oranje” draw against Montenegro (2-2). “Van Gaal was parking his bike at the hotel when he slipped and landed on his hip,” De Telegraaf newspaper reported. “A hospital visit confirmed he did not need surgery,” the outlet reported, but a Dutch Football Federation official (KNVB) would have declared to the same newspaper that Van Gaal could not walk and had to be in a wheelchair.

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