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Los40 Primavera Pop: the most daring ‘looks’ on the red carpet

The main pop artists on the Spanish scene and some other international guests, such as the Puerto Rican Nicky Jamthe Argentinian Tiago PZK and the german Purple Disco Machine, have taken to the stage tonight WiZink Center in Madrid to give everything and make the more than 15,000 people vibrate at the Los40 Primavera Pop concert. This is already its 16th edition.

Before going on stage, twenty artists walked the red carpet with their incredible models to the delight of their fans. From Nicky Jam, Purple Disco Machine, Justin Quiles, Manuel Carrasco, Lola Índigo, Ana Mena, Mau and Ricky, Dvicio, Nil Moliner, Tiago PZK, Chanel, Marlon, Bombai and David Otero until Marc SeguĂ­, Miki NĂșñez, LĂ©rica, Pole., Ainoa Buitrago, Agoney, Hens, Leo Rizzi, BelĂ©n Aguilera, Zzoilo and Walls.

Ana Mena and Nil Moliner, on stage at the Los40 Primavera Pop 2022 festival, in Madrid. / GEORGE PARIS

Solidarity with Ukraine

The festival’s masters of ceremonies have been the main announcers of the chain Tony Aguilar, Dani Moreno, Cristina BoscĂĄ, Óscar MartĂ­nez, David Álvarez, FĂ©lix Castillo, Cris Regatero, Karin Herrero and JesĂșs Taltavull, that they have also revealed to the attendees, and to the viewers who have also been able to follow the gala live through Divinity, the solidarity initiative that LOS40 is promoting to raise funds and help the millions of people affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This solidarity campaign has been promoted in collaboration with Acnur, Unicef, the Red Cross and the Emergency Committee.

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Second concert in RubĂ­

This year’s edition has a second stop this Saturday, April 2, at the cultural complex of L’EscardĂ­vol de RubĂ­ (Western Valley). In addition to many of the artists from the Madrid ‘show’, they will repeat in the Barcelona town, where, in addition, new guests will perform, such as Miki NĂșñez or Samantha.

🔮See here all the ‘looks’ of the red carpet of the festival in Madrid:

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