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We start September! For many, a new beginning, a starting point towards the achievement of new purposes. A large part of them are generally associated with a change of habits for the better, optimizing the lifestyle and, consequently, well-being and health. However, it is important that the objectives do not remain a mere intention. Taking the step towards ultimate success in this regard is decisive. For this, it is convenient to take into account some small actions that, together, will suppose a great transformation. We tell you how to live in a healthier way from today. Do you sign up? Sometimes the road to fulfilling our purposes can be uphill. This happens, in part, because we want to make changes that are too radical and immediate, without understanding that many times success lies in small gestures and decisions. Next, we are going to share with you a list of simple actions that you can carry out and that, maintained over time, will help you live in a healthier way starting today. Remember that, if you are really interested in improving your lifestyle and, consequently, your health, you must be patient and not throw in the towel; if you throw it away, get the urge back and get back to it. Do not aspire to see drastic changes in yourself in the mirror, a change of habits goes much further than the aesthetic part that, without a doubt, will also be altered at the time.

20 daily actions to live in a healthier way

Ready to integrate new and simple actions into your daily life that help you feel greater well-being? Let’s get to it!Create a sleep routine and stick to it daily. You should go to bed and get up at the same time every day. Have a light dinner well in advance to contribute to good digestion and thus improve the quality of sleep. Gradually reduce the daily intake of certain ultra-processed products. Remember: if you don’t buy them and don’t have them in your kitchen, you won’t eat them. Make sure you drink the right amount of water every day and stay well hydrated. Smile every day, even if it doesn’t come naturally, the brain doesn’t distinguish it and releases happiness hormones. Walk as much as possible every day: park further away from work, get off before your usual stop and/or go for a brisk walk in the morning before starting your routine. Keep a diary and write in it three things you are grateful for each night or when you wake up in the morning.Strength train at least three days per week. Now, if you can’t, two are better than none. Don’t forget it!Enjoy your loved ones, let them know that you love them and surround yourself with the people who add to your life and for whom you feel supported. If you are going through a difficult time, accept it and embrace your negative emotions. They are part of life and often serve as an impetus to evolve. Dedicate time to self-care. A little while each day to pamper yourself, take care of yourself and feel peaceful and calm. Stop eating by inertia and start nourishing yourself consciously. To do this, eat with all five senses. Talk to yourself with love and respect, sometimes we are our worst critics. You’re trying and that’s okay. Learn to say “no” when something doesn’t convince you and to say “yes” when you want to, but it’s fear that stops you. Throw yourself into an adventure from time to time! If you feel that you have internal issues to resolve that are a brake on your daily life, but you don’t know how to deal with it, considering going to psychological therapy may be the solution you need.Integrate in your weekly routine some stretching and mobility sessions. Do you know functional training? Take the step! As a result: live with more independence, health and confidence. Flee from a sedentary lifestyle. If you work long hours sitting, get up every half hour and mobilize your body. After the day, compensate with a good dose of activity! Put the focus of attention on your own path, do not compare yourself with the rest, do not feel inferior, do not reject your body. Embrace yourself with everything you have and are, there is no other like you! The important thing is the present moment. Don’t dwell on the past or want to predict the future. Things are as they are and the only thing we have is this moment. If you need the support of our team, at Vikika Team we have a team of nutritionists and physical trainers that will accompany you in your set-up. You will also have our psychology team, which will undoubtedly be a great support in your process of change. To live in a healthier way. You just have to want to do it.

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