“Life is today”: I followed the event of the Esteban Bullrich Foundation live

“What a night. Awesome. I feel a lot of deep joy, from the heart, from good people who have been with us from the beginning and those who joined. Esteban moved something in his heart. We receive greetings,” he began. And then, he said, referring to the statuette of the Virgin Mary that he hung from his chest: “He has been with us since the beginning of the process. It was a great support for us. He allowed us to meet. It is God who is guiding us.” “There are two very special moments ahead. The protagonist of the night is already arriving with his family, “said José Del Rio when there were a few minutes left before Esteban Bullrich made his entrance to the event, accompanied by his wife, “Uque” Sequieros. At that moment, those present rose from their seats to applaud. “It’s one of the most exciting and vivid moments of the night,” Del Rio recounted.Carlos Paez Vilaro, a survivor of the Andes tragedy, also participated in the event. “It is difficult to be amazed after what I experienced in the Andes. But Esteban moved me to tears. I sent him a letter that went viral, We became friends and here we are now.” he said. “Saint Francis of Assisi used to say do what is necessary, then do what is possible and you will end up doing the impossible. Today we are going to talk about what Esteban is doing, who applies the law of Assisi. We will help you do the impossible”, he continued. “Life is not applauded. Life must be lived. The life is today. We did a lot today to make something happen tomorrow. It was the attitude that saved us in the Andes and it is the attitude that defines Esteban. I am almost married to him. I don’t know how he keeps that smile. He has an enormous ability to overcome. He didn’t say yes to her, “she said. And she continued:” Life has to start on the side of humility. When our plane crashed in the Andes, we thought it couldn’t happen to us. That’s how it was my whole life. I thought it would never happen to me and it did. Same with Stephen.“Marcela Capuano was diagnosed with ALS nine years ago, but that didn’t stop her. This Tuesday she tells the story of her life and of overcoming her: “I never imagined that everyone would see me in a stadium. I started in the art world when my disability began. It was something I liked. I started painting with my hands and stopped. When I couldn’t take it anymore, I put the brush in my mouth and painted”, he recounted. As for the emotional hug that occurred with Bullrich, in 2021, he expressed: “It was impressive. I did not expect that. I wanted to greet him because I felt that he needed my support. I was very sorry for what happened to him. He moved me so much that I couldn’t express a single word”.Marcela Capuano, at the event for the benefit of the Esteban Bullrich FoundationSantiago Filipuzzi – LA NACIONY continued: “You have to put desire into life. Every day I wake up. Sometimes I get bad but I continue. I felt a lot of emotion apart from nerves. I don’t smile every day. Sometimes I get upset and cry. But Today I smiled like never before”.“LThe prepaid, the social works, the Government, are not with us that we have ELA and with many other people living with disabilities. They make our lives impossible. I was fighting a lot to get what I got, ”she lamented, adding: “I have to prove every 3 or 6 months that I still have the same disease. It’s crazy”Entrepreneur Mateo Salvatto during his presentationThe entrepreneur Mateo Salvatto during his presentation Santiago Filipuzzi – LA NACIONMateo Salvato, founder of the “Háblalo” application, which facilitates communication for people with speech difficulties, made a presentation about the future. “It is an honor to be here, with this team that does a lot for inclusion in Argentina. My mother is one of them, she is a teacher for the deaf here in Argentina. My life was oriented to electronic engineering and robotics. But in recent years I realized that that technology could be combined to help another. I started helping my mother’s students,” said the 23-year-old.“I remember seeing Esteban Bullrich on television telling about the use of the app. And I was excited like never before. It changed my life”, commented Salvatto with emotion. “We live in a country where the reality we live in makes no sense at all. Therefore, I want to transmit: there is a tremendous future if we want to pursue it. Esteban is an example of that. My wish is that we leave here knowing that we live in a country that can do anything. We are all gathered here with the intention of financing the creation of the first specialized ALS center. It is not minor”, highlighted the entrepreneur. “On my side, it is nothing more than that. Thanks for coming. Thanks to Esteban for his struggle and to his family. I am standing here for them. I want to thank you. Little by little all of us together can convince ourselves that we are going to win and be able to win the battle of inclusion”, he closed. THE NATION, Jose Del Rio. After the general presentation, the first show is that of the singer Silvina Moreno.Jose del Rio at the event "The life is today" at Movistar ArenaJosé del Rio at the “Life is Today” event at the Movistar ArenaSantiago Filipuzzi – LA NACION“My name is Silvina, I’m from here in Buenos Aires. This event mobilizes. I left Argentina and decided to return years later. And my country gave me the opportunity to be in front of you”, said the artist. “I hope you enjoy the show, made by someone with as much love as Esteban Bullrich”he continued, before his musical number.The wife and brothers of Esteban Bullrich with José Del RioThe wife and brothers of Esteban Bullrich with José Del RioSantiago Filipuzzi – LA NACIONMaria Eugenie Uque” SequeirosEsteban Bullrich’s wife, explained the relevance of the meeting, in dialogue with LN+: “This event is very important, big and exciting. I don’t know what will happen, but we come with a lot of emotion. So many generous people who lent themselves to help so much. The dedication of the people was impressive.” Regarding the health of the former senator, he maintained: “Esteban is fine, he is at peace, he is fine. He prepared this event, he is happy. I ask him if he is happy and he tells me that he is.Emilio and María Bullrich, brothers of the director of the foundation, explained the purpose of the meeting. “ANDs the first interdisciplinary center for ALS patients. The idea of ​​this event is fundraising”, commented Emilio. “We are happy to have sold out tickets. There are a lot of companies that accompanied us and we thank them a lot, “added his sister.The public at the event "The life is today" at Movistar ArenaThe public at the event “Life is today” at the Movistar Arena The line on Humboldt street already passes the Atlanta stadium, which is located next to the Movistar Arena, and has around 1,000 people. In charge of leading the event will be the general secretary of THE NATION, Jose Del Rio Esteban Bullrich, in charge of the organization, will tell his story of overcoming. Carlos Páez Vilaró, survivor of the tragedy of the Andes, will also participate. Also, Diego Torres will offer a musical concert. Hours after the solidarity event, Esteban Bullrich communicated, from his Twitter account, important data for the meeting. “Came the day!”, celebrated. In addition, he reported that the start is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. This Tuesday, former senator Esteban Bullrich will participate in the solidarity event “Life is today” at the Movistar Arena, in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Villa Crespo, with the aim of raising funds to open a specialized center for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) in Argentina.The event seeks to raise funds for the construction of the first specialized center against ALS.The event seeks to raise funds for the construction of the first specialized center against ALS. Last Tuesday, at the world day for the fight against amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), the former senator shared on Twitter a video of the foundation he presides over to raise awareness about the disease and sent a hopeful message. Throughout the video, different testimonies are shown from people who have ALS, who demand a cure and end the bureaucracy to when promoting research to find a treatment. “There are many of us, throughout the country, who we ask to put aside the bureaucracies and promote research that improves our quality of life. Because in illnesses like these we have no time to lose,” Bullrich said on Twitter.Report by Juan Francisco Gallarino

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