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Levante UD FS puts the direct towards the ‘playoffs’ (2-1)

This Good Friday, against a Xota that had five trips without adding, Diego Ríos’s men had to suffer to take the victory after a first half that ended goalless, with Asier turned into a wall in goal, even from the double penalty.

We had to wait for the restart to see the first goal of Maxi Rescia (m.22). The Argentine international caught a volley at the far post from a strategic play on the throw-in against an Asier who paid dearly for his only mistake so far. Xota reacted and Dani Zurdo resolved the one-on-one with Fede to tie (m. 28). The party gained in intensity until the Bynho’s expulsion for a double yellow card, a circumstance that Levante UDFS did not miss to sentence through Rafa Usín (m. 28). A goal and a victory celebrated by the nearly 400 faithful spectators who attended the game in Paterna in the middle of Holy Week.

Levante UD FS players greet spectators in Paterna. LUDFS

Data sheet:

Raise UD FS: Fede, Maxi Rescia, Rivillos, Araça and Pedro Toro -initial five-, Roger, Rafa Usín, Hamza, Gallo, Marc Tolrà, Raúl Jiménez and Juanjo.

Xota FS: Asier, Tony, Carlos Vento, Linhares and Bynho -the starting five-, Ion Cerviño, Juninho, Dani Zurdo, Fabinho Junior, Raúl Rocha, Neno and Aitor Irujo.

goals: 1-0, 22′: Maxi Rescia. 1-1, 28′: Dani Zurdo. 2-1, 38′: Rafa Usin.

referees: Bottle López and Castillo López. They booked Rivillos, Roger, Rafa Usín and Hamza for Levante, and Linhares, Ion Cerviño and Juninho for Xota, and sent off Bynho for a double yellow card (m. 37).

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Incidents: Match corresponding to day 22 of the LNFS, played at the Pabellón Municipal de Paterna, before some 400 spectators.

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