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Leroy Merlin’s barbecue that sweeps sales for its size and price

Leroy Merlin, one of the best-known furniture and decoration chains in Spain and which has stores in almost the entire country, has an Outlet where you can find great offers for a limited time. In fact, now that the good weather is here and the terrace and garden season is here, many are looking to give their home a tour or look for solutions for the heat. In fact, now that the good weather arrives, there are many who are looking to give their outdoor furniture a twist and take advantage of sunny days either in a garden or on a terrace. Plus, it’s barbecue time. What better plan than getting together with your loved ones and being able to cook in the heat of the home and outdoors.

The star product of Leroy Merlin that has reduced its price by 50%

To do this, Leroy Merlin has a barbecue that sweeps sales due to its size and price. This is the Naterial Centaurus Beta charcoal barbecue recommended for 8 people. “Naterial Centaurus Beta charcoal barbecue with grill function, recommended for 8 people. It is made of black enameled steel. Its design with a trolley allows you to enjoy the best outdoor barbecues with maximum comfort. In addition, by incorporating wheels, you can easily move it and pick it up whenever you want.It has 2 enameled steel grills, grill function for a perfect cooking finish, slow cooker lid with an aluminum ventilation valve (perfect for preserving a smoky flavor in food) and integrated thermometer ( that will allow you to know at all times the temperature at which you are cooking).It incorporates a cleaning system with a removable ashtray to easily empty the ashes and regulate the internal temperature.It offers a large work space thanks to its folding side trays and great functionality thanks to to its utensil hooks, its bottle opener and its front access to fuel.Total measurements: 107, 3 x 108.4 x 68 cm (width x height x depth). Grill: 41.5 x 56 cm (width x length)”. It can be purchased for 179 euros.

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The wallpaper that runs out in Leroy Merlin: it has become fashionable

Wallpaper has become one of the classics in homes. It seemed unbelievable when our grandmothers advised us to put it on or we visited an aunt’s house and the wall of the room was full of this type of allegory so typical of wallpaper. But since everything ends up coming back, the wallpaper has too. And he has done it through the front door.

Leroy Merlin, one of the best-known furniture and decoration chains in Spain and which has stores in almost the entire country, has put up for sale in recent days a wallpaper that you can see at this link and that delights those who want enhance your decor. How to use it? The truth is that using wallpaper couldn’t be easier. Some do not decorate the entire room with this type of fabric, only part of it. Let’s say for example the one behind the headboard of the bed. In addition, there are many papers of many colors and sizes that can be used to make a fix at a given time. The good thing about wallpaper is that if you don’t like it or want to change it later, you can put another one on top to give a new look to a given room. Remember that periodically in our Decoration section you will find all kinds of tricks that we hope will help you improve the cleanliness of your house. Home experts say that it is not so much what you clean as what you do not dirty. That is: you can save time and even money by being tidy. We also show you the best of the decoration that you can find in stores throughout the country and in large chains.

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