Leopoldo Moreau criticized Alberto Fernández: “It is unusual that the President is willing to dialogue with the UIA and not with Cristina”

Without truce. More than a month after the agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) was approved, the ruling party remains fractured by an intern between the Kirchnerist and Albertist ranks. In this context, the national deputy of the Front of All Leopold Moreau today questioned the attitude of President Alberto Fernández. “I find it unusual that the President announces that he is willing to dialogue with the most concentrated sectors of the Argentine economy such as the UIA and do not say that you are willing to talk with Cristina Kirchner”, he warned today. However, in dialogue with Futurock, Moreau wanted to minimize the concept of “internal” in the ruling party. “I am reluctant to consider it as an inmate because in general society links inmates with bids for spaces of power or candidacies,” he said. And he continued: “This is not an inmate interpreted in that sense, this is a discussion towards the interior of the Front of All that has to do with the definition of policies”. “What is clearly defined in the Front of All is that there is an unquestionable political leadership, there is a political centrality that is headed by Cristina Kirchner”, Moreau defined, deepening his analysis of the official internal affairs. And he continued: “On the other hand, in institutional terms, the inescapable fact of reality is that the President is the one who makes the final decisionss, and that was never in dispute. In any case, what must be clear is that the President has the last word, but he does not have the only word. That is what is in question.” Thus, the head of the Bicameral Commission for Follow-up of Intelligence Activities of Congress expressed his opinion: “Cristina Kirchner will always be at the moment to defend the needs of the popular majorities, that gives her a centrality that allows her to generate expectations of all kinds, from leading a political space to being able to be a candidate for various positions.” “Obviously I would like to”.Finally, in reference to the country’s economic situation, Moreau considered: “Embracing the IMF’s economic program is not the way to go.” And he remarked: “You have to hit a rudder quickly. Not only was the agreement poorly conceived and poorly processed, but it has become a dead letter and the guidelines lead us to a scenario of very rising inflation that escalates incessantly. We must detach from the IMF program by reformulating goals and projections”.

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