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Leaked MSI B650 motherboard with an AMD Ryzen 7000 engineering chip

AMD is close to launching its AMD Ryzen 7000 processorswith all the good and the bad of a drastic change of platform, and although yesterday we referred to a basic design designed to extract the most from DDR5 RAM, It seems that the different component manufacturers are already at work to estar ready on launch day. As we can see in VideoCardz, it has been leaked an MSI motherboard with the B650 chipset, which would indicate that it is a mid-range motherboard – or at least its chipset is – that will allow a lot of room for maneuver. Nevertheless, A curious detail that has set off the alarms is the voltage at which the processor is being operated.
Geeknetic Leaked an MSI B650 motherboard with an AMD Ryzen 7000 engineering chip 1
1,532 volts is not exactly a small thing, and less so for a modern chip, so there are some theories that suggest that the overclocking potential of these processors could already be being tested, but most likely it is some kind of bug in the BIOS and is pending resolution.
It could also be that some other aspect of the processor is being tested, what would be its thermal behavior under unfavorable conditions.

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