Friday, May 20, 2022
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Latest update to AirTags gives them an easier-to-locate sound

AirTags are an extremely interesting invention that owes their efficient operation to the Find My iPhone network, which is why, despite the existence of similar alternatives on Android, they have never been able to compare efficiently to what Apple has achieved. For its part, Google has a similar network, but hasn’t been able to make it compatible with tracking devices like Apple has, so in this case, Apple is the superior alternative. Unfortunately, the proper functioning of this location system means that we can find the AirTag practically anywhere, as long as it is near an iOS device, which means that if we can find the AirTag, we can find any object or person. to carry it with them, which is why Apple had to design a system that allows people who may not know they are being followed to be aware of it. Knowing how closely an AirTag interacts with its owner’s iPhone, to the point of being able to understand that it is following a person who is not its owner, one would hope that the owner of the AirTag could be located even without their collaboration, something that, although it would be very useful for police officers, for example, it could also become an instrument of abuse, a reason that would explain its non-existence – for now.

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