Last Voyage of the Demeter Is Coming Soon! 

Based on a story by Bragi Schut and screenplay penned down by Zak Olkewicz, Last Voyage of the Demeter is an upcoming American horror flick. The film is directed by Andre Overdal, and the initial filming began in June 2021, in Berlin and Malta. Here’s everything you should know about the upcoming film.

Two Decades, And A Story One Should Not Miss

Yes you read it right, the upcoming horror film, Last Voyage of the Demeter has been in development for the last two decades. Bragi Schut wrote the first draft of the screenplay back in 2002, alongside the director Robert Schwentke being involved in the project. The movie then went through several changes over the years for nearly two decades, and many directors have been rumored to join this project over the time. 

In October 2019, details about the involvement of Andre Ovredal as the director of the film were revealed.

Last Voyage of the Demeter: Release Date

For the fans awaiting for the news of its release, this part of the article is an essential need. The movie has gone into another level of hype since details regarding its development first hit on the internet. In September 2021, Amblin went on Twitter to reveal the release date of this much awaited horror film. 

“Cheers to director Andre Ovredal and his talented cast and hardy crew on the completion of principal photography for THE LAST VOYAGE OF THE DEMETER. You are the lifeblood of this creative endeavor, and as we all know, the blood is the life..And our gratitude to Berlin and Malta for your hospitality and hosting our production. THE LAST VOYAGE OF THE DEMETER sets sail, only in theaters, January 27, 2023.” 

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Last Voyage Of The Demeter: Who Is In The Cast?

The movie scheduled for a January 2023 release will feature some well known names of the Hollywood film industry. The cast revealed so far includes:

  • Corey Hawkins
  • Javier Botet
  • David Dastmalchian 
  • Liam Cunningham
  • Aisling Franciosi
  • Jon Jon Briones
  • Stefan Kapicic
  • Nikolai Nikolaeff
  • Woody Norman
  • Martin Furulund
  • Chris Walley


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