Landscapers: Release Date

Landscapers: Release Date? Cast? And Plot?

“Landscapers” is an upcoming HBO production. It revolves around the Edwards couple, on whose property two dead bodies are discovered one day. The first trailer for the series has now been released.

Landscapers: What Is The Plot Of The HBO Series?

“Landscapers” is about the quiet couple Susan (Olivia Colman) and Christopher Edwards (David Thewlis). After a disturbing phone call between Christopher and his stepmother, the pair’s involvement in a horrific crime comes to light because two corpses are discovered in the garden of the two.

The focus of the police investigation is the relationship between the two, and Susan and Christopher are separated for the first time. In a fantasy world, the couple seeks refuge from the real world and its feelings of guilt.

Landscapers: The First Trailer For The HBO Series Is Here

The first trailer for the series was released earlier this week. It shows Susan and Christopher Edwards being arrested by the police and interrogated about the bodies in their garden.

Landscapers: Who’s In The Cast?

The first trailer of the show was released previously, and it marked the return of some of the most prominent faces of television, including:

  • Olivia Colman as Susan Edwards
  • David Thewlis as Christopher Edwards 
  • Kate O’Flynn 
  • Dipo Ola 
  • Samuel Anderson 
  • David Hayman
  • Felicity Montagu 
  • Daniel Rigby 

Landscrapers: Is There A Release Date On HBO

Despite the release of its first trailer and cast announcement of the show, HBO has not yet revealed an exact release date for the mini-series. As of now, it is being reported that the show will be released on HBO in 2022. 

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Ed Sinclair writes the show, Olivia Coleman’s husband, and the plot of the mini-series is reportedly inspired by actual events. Will Sharpe will serve as the director and executive producer of the show, while Katie Carpenter, Chris Fry, Ed Sinclair, and Olivia Colman serve as the show’s producers. 

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