La Cámpora released a challenging video for the Vialidad trial: “If they touch Cristina”

La Cámpora published a 30-second video with a defiant message: “If they touch Cristina.” The video shows images of the march that Kirchnerism made in April 2016, the day that the current vice president declared in the Claudio Bonadio court for eight legal cases. That day the idea of ​​“Citizen Unity” was born, the space with which she competed in the legislative elections as a candidate for senator. But the subtitles correspond to the day in which the head of the Senate made the allegation of this trial. “History acquitted me”, you can read. “Questions, you have to answer”, can be heard in another of the fragments of the vice president’s speech in which she questions the judges. The video ends with the hashtag #TodosConCristinaSome officials contributed to the dissemination on networks. Among others, the Minister of the Interior, Eduardo “Wado” de Pedro took the opportunity to reiterate the denunciations against the previous government. Thus, he linked the denunciations of manipulation of Justice with the current process that Cristina Kirchner is going through. “Macri used intelligence services, judicial operators (today fugitives), judges and prosecutors (who played paddle tennis with him in Olivos) to persecute his main political opponent: the woman who put a stop to the looting and indebtedness of the country”. “[Mauricio] Macri established a mafia action that imprisoned owners of unrelated media, armed legal cases and spied on his own and others. Neither the brothers who were at odds with the former president, nor the relatives of the victims of the ARA San Juan were saved,” said the national official. According to De Pedro, this situation denigrated the judiciary” and also affected “the foundations” of “democracy”. “We need to recover a justice that guarantees Argentines the full exercise of their rights and is not an institution co-opted by private interests that believe they are above all,” said Pedro through his Twitter account. As published by LA NACION, after the eight-hour presentation by prosecutors Diego Luciani and Serge Mola at the beginning of the argument against Cristina Kirchner if roadthe Kirchnerist leadership and militancy stirred up the networks with the campaign “Everyone with Cristina”This Tuesday, the Chief of Staff joined the initiative early, John Manzurand the leadership of the Ministry of Justice, with Martin Soria Y John Martin Mena.“I never saw anything like it. I don’t know where these characters studied who sneaked in to see Macri Olivos and La Rosada saying they played paddle tennis “, launched Soria on AM 750. Soria estimated that the case “will fall” like others in which the president was previously accused. The chief of staff, Juan Manzur, initially considered that it is “an instance of the judicial question”. Although he avoided directly answering the press query, she finally endorsed the head of the Senate, before entering her office.. “I fundamentally believe in Cristina’s innocence and this is going to be proven.” In his plea before the judges of the Federal Oral Court 2, prosecutor Diego Luciani accused the vice president and her husband on Monday of having installed “one of the most extraordinary maneuvers of corruption”. His peer Sergio Mola completed the presentation and detailed “the seizure of companies.” Luciani and Mola seek to demonstrate that the vice president was the head of an illicit association destined to extirpate funds from the State and that favored the businessman Lázaro Báez with public works contracts. Prosecutor Luciani affirmed that directed 51 tenders of works that Lázaro Báez received and contrasted the contracting processes with the Contracting Regime of the National Public Administration. “Each of the principles in the tenders have been violated”, said the prosecutor. Among other evidence, Luciani exhibited on Monday a series of messages from the phone of Jose Lopez, the former Secretary of Public Works, who was arrested when he tried to throw bags at a monastery in General Rodríguez. From them, as he specified, it came to light that there was a meeting between Cristina Kirchner Y Lazarus Baez before the management ends and Mauricio Macri takes over. “The abandonment of the contracts left unemployed workers, territories without connection. All the works awarded to Lázaro Báez were done with fraud to the detriment of the public administration, he denounced. And he added: “The plan failed because of his own inexperience, because of his clumsiness. The defendants left their fingerprints everywhere.

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