Komi Can’t Communicate Famous Anime Episode 8 Expected Release, Latest Cast, Plot & Everything You Should Know!

The eighth episode of Komi Can not Communicate will be released on November 25, 2021. The anime’s episodes are released on Thursdays, and so far, its plot has kept fans engaged as it nears its conclusion. During the current season, the anime will air 12 episodes.

Where can I see the 8th episode of “Komi Can not Communicate”?

To watch Komi Can not Communicate Episode 8 and Funimation. The episodes of Komi May not Communicate can be streamed via YouTube channels and Netflix, although with a brief delay for those outside of Japan.

What Happens in Episode 8 of ‘Komi Can not Communicate?’

In the next episode 8, students will be able to enjoy their summer holiday after completing their exams. When Osana throws a pool party, she invites everyone.
When it comes to Komi’s clothing for the party, she will have a hard time deciding between Tadano’s pick and her mother’s. Her mother’s preconceptions about her arrival time will come to an end as soon as she arrives at the location and waits impatiently for others to arrive.

Osana and Tadano will soon be seen with her. Tadano discovers thatthe entire class to the celebration. After the pool party, everyone, including the females, having a good time and Komi will once again be the center of attention.

She rides the slides with Tadano and had a great time. Komi, on the other hand, will be shown being injured as everyone joins in the fun. She had just started to enjoy herself, but now she could not because of the rain. Let us see what occurs in the eighth episode of the series.

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On Komi Can not Communicate, What Happened Before?

When Komi Can not Communicate was last on, we saw her with her friends for the first time ever in a mall. The three of them came to the conclusion that Komi deserved the nicest outfit imaginable, and so they all set out to find it. Finally, after putting on all the gowns, Komi decided to buy Tadano’s one-piece that he had picked out for her.

She then visits a salon to obtain a new appearance to go with her clothing. Children received their grades at school based on the examinations they took and passed. Osana plans to hold a party at the conclusion of the semester before everyone leaves out for the vacation.


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