Kingdom Season 4: Release Date? When Will The Anime Return?

Judging by the views of the audience, the presented project interested many connoisseurs of the genre, who appreciated the visual component of the series and well-written characters. Kingdom was directed by two authors at once: Akira Iwanga and Jun Kamiya. The first director worked on the projects “Bleach”, “Elven Song”, “You and Me”, and “Gloomy Spiritcaster”.

The audience knows the second author from the show “Hikaru and Go”. On account of both directors, more than ten independent productions, which speaks of sufficient work experience.

Fans are now worried whether the anime will return for Season 4, fans have often wondered about the sequel. In October 2021, the authors made an official announcement.

Kingdom: Is There A Release Date For Season 4?

In October 2021, on the official website, the creators announced the extension of the anime. The release date for season 4 of Kingdom is scheduled for April 12, 2022. The coveted announcement delighted all anime fans who highly appreciated the military history saga. The viewers who got acquainted with the picture realized that it would be wrong to cling to historical inaccuracies in the project. That is why the audience decided to just enjoy watching the fantasy anime.

Kingdom Season 4: What Will Be The Plot?

The plot is based on the work of the author Yasuhisa Hara, who began to publish his story in 2006. Six years later, the manga received its first film adaptation, earning very good reviews from fans of the genre. Of course, there were also those among the audience who condemned the project for historical “bloopers”. However, most viewers were looking forward to the release date of Season 4. Fortunately for the public, after a long lull, the authors decided to renew the anime for new episodes.

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One day, Hyo dies. At this time, a revolution begins in the state. By chance, Xin, left without a faithful friend, meets Emperor Ying Zheng. The young man gets a chance to make his dream come true and become a general. Side by side with Ruler Xin, he will do everything possible to help him regain his rightful throne.

It is worth noting that the manga received very favorable reviews from critics, becoming the winner of the cultural award in Japan. It is not surprising that the question of when the show Kingdom season 4 (Kingdom) will be released quite often. As one of the judges of the competition noted, he had not met a piece that he wanted to swallow as soon as possible. In 2019, the graphic novel won the Book of the Year award, confirming its status as a popular and in-demand story.


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