King of mask singer episode 331 latest release date & spoilers alert

King of mask singer episode 331

King of mask singer episode 331 will air this weekend! A spectacular performance by great vocalists from all ages has been showcased in the newest episode. So, the King of Mask Singer’s mask-removal ceremonies has been a surprise and a nostalgia-inducing experience every time.

A fresh glimmer of hope is given to every vocalist who performs in front of an audience. Recent events illustrate the singer’s concerns and difficulties. Yet they continue to pursue their vocation. Nevertheless, their passion for music has led them to the stage, where they will be judged only on the strength of their voice.

In this week’s episode of The New Mask Queen, the recap is here.

Episode 330 opens with the second round of voting for the next king. A wide range of famous vocalists from different eras is included in this episode. Round 2 begins with Kkakdugi (5tion’s Lee Hyun) vs Happy Halloween in the first round. When Unbelievable (Shinchan Blues’ Kim Sang Woo) takes on Ending Fairy in the second round. We are treated to a tremendous and distinctive singing duel (Soloist Kim Jae Hwan). Round 2’s third match pits Happy Halloween against Ending Fairy, who both won in the previous round.

In the newest episode, four candidates face off in the semi-finals: Kkakdugi (Happy Halloween), Unbelievable (Unbelievable), and Ending Fairy. As a result, there is something special about each contestant’s personality that sets them apart from the others. Kkakdugi’s pleasant, calming. But also powerful voice may be heard by the audience.

To celebrate Halloween, Happy Halloween sings Kim Gun Mo and ALi songs “365 Days” and “Foolish” respectively. Both vocalists rework their original renditions into new rocking ones. As a result, the 164th Mask Queen will face off against a fresh group of competitors in King of Mask Singer Episode 331.

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King of mask singer episode 331Kkakdugi and a happy Halloween!

While Happy Halloween’s performance of ‘365 Days’ by ALi shows strong emotions, Ending Fairy’s choice of Cho Yong Pil’s ‘Walking Alone’ shows a delicate but reassuring voice. Still, Happy Halloween’s dramatic and emotionally charged performance won the round with 17/4 votes. Thus, Ending Fairy exposes the name of Kim Jae Hwa. So, Want to One’s former lead singer and current soloist, as the panel’s pick.



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