Killing Rainbow When & What To Expect On Screen?

‘Rainbow Killing.’

Chris Cutler is returning back to the big screen. The director, famous for his directorial skills, twists, and unexpected storylines, is back on another project, ‘Killing Rainbow.’ The movie has been a substantial point of debate on the internet since that announcement, but not enough information about the same has been revealed giving it a much wanted popularity, Here’s everything you need to know about ‘Rainbow Killing.’

Killing Rainbow: When Will The Movie Release?

The movie has been on the pages since 2018. Due to the pandemic and Covid-19 restrictions around the world, the production plans of the movie got extended. The move was previously meant to release in 2021, but due to the pandemic, it has now been postponed. The delay gets difficult because a new release date for the same has not been revealed by the makers yet. The movie is currently in its production phase, and as per the reports it will be released in mid-2023, most probably in the month of June. But this can’t be stated with 100% surety. As soon as there is an official announcement regarding its release date, you will find it here. 

Killing Rainbow: What Is The Plot?

Chris Cutler is a director, actor, and the person behind the penned down screenplay of Killing Rainbow. As reported, the story of the film follows the life of a contract killer who failed to succeed in the very first mission he was allotted. This leads him to get stuck in a downfalling mindset for years, until he is assigned and given another mission along with a chance to make things right for himself. This turns out to be his last clean-up operation and moves into a path full of fraud, crime and revenge. 

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The official summary from IMDb reveals: A Contract Killer fails his first mission. The Contractor who hired him doesn’t tell him the whole truth about the job. What should be a simple cleanup job the second time round becomes a cat and mouse game of deceit and betrayal.”

Nevertheless, with Chris Cutler back on the big screen, the film will surely be packed with action scenes and a gripping storyline. Not to forget, we will update you regarding the cast of the film once it is announced.


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