Killing Eve Season 4 Shooting Has Finally Started

If you are a die-hard fan of spy thriller and criminal action and you are missing everything that an amazing series like ‘Killing Eve’ has offered to us, then here is a moment of utmost rejoice for you. The shooting of the fourth season has been started and if everything goes by plan, then we will be having our eyes on the new season by 2022.

Everything About ‘Killing Eve’

Killing Eve is a British-based spy thriller drama TV series by Sid Gentle Films for BBC America. We have received three seasons under the same title in the last 3 years.

The series has set the standards high for the upcoming spy-thriller movies. The series is based on the Villanelle comic series by Luke Jennings. The main reason behind the success and popularity of this series is its great storyline and amazing acting.

Killing Eve Series Storyline

The series has Eve Polastri, a British investigator, set up in the task of capturing psychopathic assassin Villanelle. As the series progresses, both develop a mutual obsession.

All three seasons are lead by different female head writers. And all three seasons show us this exciting chase of the assassin by the investigator.

Release dates

The release of all three seasons followed a great pattern. All the seasons were released consequently year after another from 2018 till 2020. The season gets premiered in the US in March or April while it is released in the UK in June.

The cast of the series

One of the major reasons for the series being a huge hit is its cast. All the actors and cast members have performed exceptionally well. 

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Major of them being Jodie Comer, Sandra Oh, Fiona Shaw, Kim Bosnia etcetera.

Killing Eve Season 4 Filming Started

So, now is the time of huge rejoice for the fans of this series. The shooting of the fourth season has already begun. It was announced by the studio in June 2021 that the filming has already started.

And, some of their set photos were also made public in September on the official Twitter page. 

Killing Eve Season 4 Release Date

As the shooting has already started, we can expect the fourth season by the beginning of 2022. And, just like every year, it is highly probable that it will release in April in the US and in June in the UK.

Killing Eve Season 4 Plot

Just like the previous seasons, the quest of the assassin known as Villanelle shall continue. Eve should be seen in her previous mission only. But, it is not the story that solely matters, the life of such a series also depends upon the actors and its direction which is phenomenal in this case.

Where to Watch Season 4 Online?

All the previous three seasons are available on amazon prime video. One may easily watch it from there. The fourth season shall also premiere there only.

These are all the updates, which we have got till now, about this thrilling series. The series will be in front of us next year and we hope that the season continues to bring the blast that the previous seasons did.

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