Killing Eve: A Spin-Off Is Coming After Season 4

Killing Eve Season 4

The series “Killing Eve” will come to an end with the upcoming 4th season. Fans don’t have to be sad, though, because talks about a possible spin-off of the BBC series are already underway. Now leading actress Jodie Comer has announced that she will not be part of a possible sequel to “Killing Eve.”

Comer Will Not Return As Villanelle

The shooting for the fourth season has already been postponed several times due to the corona pandemic. Since the series is set in large parts of the world, the current situation made filming very difficult. The final season of the exciting drama series will likely appear in 2022.

After the popular series has ended, fans are looking forward to a possible sequel. In this, Villanelle actress Comer announced that she was not involved in any talks regarding a potential spin-off.

It is currently unknown if these projects will focus on already established characters or entirely new storylines. However, Comer’s quote leaves little room for hope that her experienced assassin will return.

Killing Eve Season 4: What Is The Exact Release Date?

Those who are fans of the show might be well aware that BBC America has previously announced that Killing Eve Season 4 will release in 2022. At the BAFTA TV Awards, actress Jodie Comer event confirmed the filming of Season 4 that began back in June 2021. 

The show follows a pattern when it comes to its release. The second season of the show premiered in April 20219, while the third premiered in April 2020. Therefore, it has been assumed that the fourth season, which will also act as the show’s final season, will be released in April 2022. 

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This was officially confirmed by BBC in early October, alongside a small teaser. 


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