K-Drama Kieta Hatsukoi Episode 8 Latest Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Review

Kieta Hatsukoi means ‘Vanishing My First Love.’ Which is based on the manga by the same name. Manga is a Japanese word for a Comic Book. The manga was originally written by fabulous writer Wataru Hinakure. And in her writing, she always uses a unique method to narrate the story. She gives a very different angle of viewing the story in Mangas. Like in this one, she beautifully thought of writing the whole manga, which starts with just a misunderstanding for an eraser. And this series also adapted almost the same angle of narrating the story, usually in series like these they don’t fully take the storytelling in the manga. But, a big thanks to the Kieta Hatsukoi, he don’t do that he indulged the way of manga in the series.

Story till now

The seventh episode starts with Hashimoto’s rejection by Akkub. The whole scene is that they are on a camping trip. And there Hashimoto confesses to Akkun that she likes him. And there Hashimoto tells him the full story of when she got in love with him. She tells him that when Akkun helped her out in the high school entrance exams when she forgot her identification card, she could not be able to do give exam if Akkun was not there at that time.

But sadly after rejection, in sorrow, she decided to get the regent hairstyle, but Aoki encourage Akkun to go and stop Hashimoto.

Spoiler for the next episode

As the story is going, it is quite predictable that this episode is going to be the emotional one. Aoki and Ida could take a new turn in their relationship; the episode could have more moments about Aoki and Ida than in the rest of the seven episodes.

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Release Dates

The episode is going to release on the 27th of November, 2021. Every Saturday the series is going to release its one episode at 11:30 PM only on TV Asahi. Kieta Hatsukoi is not available on any other online streaming website and app, as of now.



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