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K-Drama Game Of Outlaws Episode 6: Release Date[November 17] Finalized or Changed?

Nowadays, K-drama is gaining a lot of appreciation. So we come up with the best news for all the K-drama lovers. Finally, the next episode of your favourite K-drama Game Of Outlaws, Episode 6: is confirmed. The last episode ended with an emotional phase and left with a big cliffhanger situation. After watching episode 5 audience was eagerly waiting for the next episode. They had a lot of questions in their mind.

K-Drama Game Of Outlaws Episode 6
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Earlier, the dates of episode six were not confirmed, but now the makers of K-Drama Game Of Outlaws Episode 6 confirmed the dates, i.e. November 17 2021. The story is at its middle stage, and it is getting more intense, and people are more eager for the new episodes. There will be a total of 15 episodes in this season. The final episode of Game Of Outlaws will air on December 16. The series is aired via Channel 3 network.

Spoilers Ahead!!!

As fifth episode end with an emotional phase. So the beginning of the new episode has an emotional impact. And eventually, Laisa and her team were attacked by Sakda. Also, Jane is trying hard to find Lalisa. She warned him that if she shot him, her family could be destroyed forever. After that, Jane got her hands on the gun and asked him if he knew inspector Ekkarach and Jenpod. Jane fired a pistol on him and sent him to prison. There she finds new things for herself. She faced many issues such as groups, bullying, and superiority. We can expect a change in the behaviour and character of Lalisa, and Jane will fight for herself. And then, the episode ends with a fight sequence. You can watch it on Channel 3 network if you are watching from Thailand. But don’t worry, you can watch it in the English language on the sites like Kissasian and Dramacool. There are a few illegal sites you can enjoy K-Drama Game Of Outlaws Episode 6 there as well.

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Key Takeaway

K-Dramas are trending these days, and this is one of the most demanded series. Jane will fight for herself in prison from her cellmates. It will be interesting to watch her next steps. If you have missed any of the previous episodes, go and watch it. Also, we will update the news about the next episode on our website. 


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