K-Drama Bite Me Episode 12 expecting on 14 November?

K-Drama Bite Me Episode 12

 Korean dramas have carved a unique niche for themselves in today’s world. Literally, every teenager is obsessed with it. K -Dramas have achieved such great popularity owing to their new and interesting storyline that is relatable to today’s generation and show the various day to day struggles that people can resonate with. They sympathize with the emotions and with the turmoil that the characters go through. They take pride in the achievements of the characters as if they were their own. So far the series has had 11 episodes which totally enchanted the audiences. The audiences have been waiting around for Episode 12 to hit the screens. Read the article to find out when we can expect episode 12 and what are the spoilers for the same.

Plot and story so far

The plot follows the life of Aue who always had a dream of becoming the Chef master champion. He was introduced early in the series as a very talented chef who worked tirelessly to make his dream come true. But things were not going that simple for him. No matter how much work he put in or no matter how good his dishes were he always came second. He kept to doubting himself and thought that there must be something that he misses out on while cooking. He goes on a quest to find out what that something exactly is in order to become the champion once and for all.

But this plan completely backfires as he is so indulged in finding that something that he loses focus on his work and it’s completely evident. His cooking skills go downhill. He loses his skills and his honour. His professional career starts to fade away and he even thinks of giving up but there comes a twist. Aek walks into his life who is an ordinary delivery boy but has an extraordinary talent he brings with himself all that Aue ever needed to succeed. Now Aue Works his level best and starts believing in himself more. The next episode will show if he’ll be able to finally overcome all the obstacles that were stopping him from achieving what he set out to achieve in the first place.

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Episode 2: Release date and more

Episode 12 is said to be the last episode of the series and is set to release on November 14th. It will be interesting to see how the story unfolds and the characters develop after episode 11 left the fans on a cliffhanger. Fans are sure that it will be a magnificent end to this great saga and will not disappoint anyone. Many fan theories have started to surface on the internet and fans are having fun while waiting patiently for the last episode to hit the screens.


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