Julián Domínguez said that the Government “does not find technical reasons” that justify the tractor

TEL AVIV (Special delivery).- The images of the forceful protest and tractor that this Saturday led rural producers in the Plaza de Mayo did not modify the speech of the Minister of Agriculture, Julian Dominguez. “The dialogue with the entities is permanent, and in this case we could not identify what the problems are and the concrete solutions that are demanded,” the minister told the media, including THE NATION, who cover the ministerial mission and governors who have been in Israel since Friday night. “This is not about any technical issue of resolving a conflict in my area,” added the minister, in a subtle attempt to link the demonstration with the political intentions of a sector of the opposition, accused by other officials of the government of Alberto Fernandez as promoters of the protest, who among other proclamations asked that “the field be taken off their hands” by means of tax pressure. After affirming THE NATION what He did not speak after the protest nor does he plan to do so in the next few hours with the Rural Liaison Table, Domínguez avoided joining the criticism against Together for Change that was fired by the presidential spokesperson Gabriela Ceruti and other members of the Government. “Each one goes where he wants to go and how he wants to go. I for example, every time there is a demonstration of the Workers’ Movement, I accompany”, he maintained. And he reiterated, in response to complaints about possible new taxes such as the one on “unexpected profits” promoted by the Minister of Economy, Martin Guzman, that “there is no producer who has profits of more than $1 billion and is included in that tax.” In any case, he said he had not read beyond the “idea” outlined by the Minister of Economy. Domínguez maintained that he does not disagree with the spirit of the project, because “all crises require the State to act as a defender of the common good ” of the society. “It makes my training as a Peronist and Christian know that no one can be fully realized in a society that is not fulfilled,” explained the minister, who tries to maintain a path of dialogue with the countryside without ceasing to respond to a government in check due to internal tensions with Christianity.The Minister of Agriculture, Julián Domínguez, met this Sunday with his counterpart from Israel, Oded Forer. Attentive to a link that threatens to become even more tense, Domínguez agreed with the bilateral meeting with his Israeli counterpart, Oded Forer. “We are making much more progress than we thought,” he said, referring to the consolidation of the country-quota agreement of 30,000 tons of Argentine meat to Israel, the joint work on biotechnology (even to offer it jointly to African countries) and in an agreement to accelerate the negotiations related to resistant wheat that is being designed in Argentina. “They are analyzing who they buy from because of the war in Ukraine, and we want to diversify the number of our buyers,” said the minister, who found in Forer -both deputy and representative of the right-wing Israel Beteinu party in the government coalition- an eventual “partner” to advance in a common association, a much more comfortable subject than responding to the harsh criticism that the leaders of the agricultural sector and protesters of the tractor hit they did to the Government a few meters from the Casa Rosada.

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