José Mayans explained why he asked that the trial against Cristina Kirchner “stop”

The president of the Frente de Todos bloc in the Senate, José Mayans, maintained that “at no time” requested the annulment of the trial against Cristina Kirchner in the Vialidad case and explained what he meant in an interview, with a phrase that generated repudiation even in the ruling party. Mayans had said: “Do we want social peace? Well, let’s start with stopping this shameful trial.” The words of Mayans reached the ears of Senator Oscar Parrilli, who disavowed him through the social network Twitter: “For CFK only JUSTICE. No stoppages, or strange interference. And with impartial judges.”Consequently, the pro-government legislator decided to give a new radio interview this Monday and rectified his statements. In the first place, and as a reinterpretation of his phrase, he clarified: What I said is that in that trial was the germ that generated the extreme violence”.“What I said is that for me the trial was invalidbecause due process was not respected, the presumption of innocence, because there are claims made by the defense regarding the challenges of people who are going to judge him that does not guarantee impartiality in the trial, “he added. And he limited under the same line: “What I said is that this stop, that this claim made by the defense be seen because every citizen has the right to defense in court and that due process be respected. At no time did I say that the case be annulled. No way”.The president of the Frente de Todos bloc in the Senate José MayansWith the focus still on the case that investigates the vice president as the alleged leader of an illicit association that favored Lázaro Báez with public works contracts, the head of the FdT bloc in the Senate described the advance of Justice as “a show”. “Who can deny that the show they made in the trial and what they did with that trial was the basis of what would become… well… politics of hatred towards popular movements is a long time ago”, he asked. And he denounced: “A show was made first in the accusations of eight days, then in the reading of the sentence request and, finally, the people went to provoke Cristina’s house”.

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