Jony Viale: “What are you buying today with $100? And with $1000?

21 years ago an Argentine peso was worth a US dollar. How much is each ticket worth today?$1000 = $4.85$500 = $2.42$200 = $0.97$100 = $0.48$50 = $0.24$20 = $0.09$10 = u$s 0.05For you to see it even more graphic. In 1991, 100 pesos was 100 dollars. In 2022, 100 pesos are 48 cents on the dollar. It means that the Argentine national currency is worth 208 times less than it was 20 years ago; they destroyed our currency; They destroyed our salary. What is the great solution that the government has? Putting women on the bills, do you realize they are a murga?The banknotes will enter circulation in six months Of everything the government could do with Argentine pesos, this is the most useless and most superficial measure. Guys, the problem is not whether there are men or women or trans or non-binary, or ‘x’ on the ticket; The problem is that the Argentine bill is worth nothing. We are facing the most devalued currency in the world; we are facing wallpaper. And the problem is that we have been like this for a long time. Do you remember when Cristina featured Evita on the $100 bills? July 25, 2012. Now look how that $100 bill disintegrated:90 World Cup: $100 = $10094 World Cup: $100 = $10098 World Cup: $100 = $1002002 World Cup: $100 = $282006 World Cup: $100 = $332010 World Cup: $100 = u$s 252014 World Cup: $100 = u$s 7.142018 World Cup: $100 = u$s 3.572022: $100 = u$s 0.48The day that Cristina presented that Evita bill in July 2012, 100 pesos was worth US$15; today, I repeat, 100 pesos is 48 cents on a dollar; What do you buy today with a $100 bill? Nothing, but let’s be fair; what do you buy today with the $1000 bill?What use is the highest denomination bill to you?Do you buy a kilo of roast? No. It costs $1,049 (source: Ipcva) Do you buy a large pizza? No, it costs $1,200. Do you buy a kilo of cream cheese? No, it costs $1,150; do you buy a kilo of ice cream? No. $1,900Buy two movie tickets? No. $1,200Do you fill a tank of gasoline? Less, it costs $6,600. It means that the highest denomination bill is not useful for the most basic expenses. Look what happened last year. Diario El Cronista Comercial: “The Argentine peso was the second most devalued currency in 2021 worldwide.”Ranking of most devalued coins in 2021:1. Turkish lira 16.2%;2. Argentine peso 14.7%3. Peruvian Sol 12.3%4. Chilean peso 11.1%5. Colombian peso 10.6%;6. South Korean won 8.3%7. Japanese yen 7.3%8. Polish Zloty 5.9%9. Australian dollar 5.9%10. Swedish krona 5.7% Source: Bloomberg And to think that our President swore to us that he was not going to devalue. To be fair, it wasn’t just Alberto Fernández. See how the $100 bill has been destroyed in the last 20 years by being generous and taking the official dollar:2002: $100 = $1002022: $100 = $0.98Accumulated inflation: 10.147%That’s why guys, this can’t be fixed by putting Juana Azurduy or Azucena Villaflor on the hook… stop selling smoke. Putting a woman on a bill is not social inclusion. What they have to do is that men and women have a strong currency and have a decent salary.Salaries in Argentina are a pittance:-a domestic worker: $45,000;-a bricklayer: $51,000;-a teacher: $75,000;-a nurse: $69,000;-a policeman: $68,000;-a delivery man: $52,000,-a building manager: $ 64,000;-a bus driver: $92,000;-a state employee: $99,000; meanwhile, according to the Indec, the basic basket for not being poor is $95,000. You look, how long we have been with this childish discussion about who should be on the bills. Last year: Governor Kicillof outraged because General San Martín’s $5 bill is out of circulation. The second thing is that it was not Macri who took the $5 bill out of circulation, but you-go, that is, your government. Alberto Fernández replaced the $5 bill with a coin. You know why? Because 5 pesos is 2 cents on the dollar. As you will realize, we are always debating nonsense, trifles. Instead of lowering inflation… the question is: Can this government lower inflation? Today that is impossible. Why? Because this is a government that does not have a word and therefore does not generate trust, we are facing a President who is whistled at in his own acts. But it is not only Alberto; he is the whole government; is Christina; it is Massa; It’s Kicillof. He is Maximus; is Guzmán.Taquión consultancy survey: Not one out of every 10 Argentines trusts the Minister of Economy. How much do you trust the Ministers of Economy?-9.3% a lot or a lot;-85.5% little or not at all;- 5% do not answer;How do you rate the management of Martín Guzmán?-19.6% good or very good-60.2% bad or very bad-20.2% no answerWith this level of mistrust it is impossible for the government to lower inflation; why? Because we are before a finished government; without political power; what could they at least do? Try not to complicate people’s lives; don’t get in the way anymore; instead of making bills to look good with Cristina… make a bill of $5,000 and $10,000; Do not worry; everyone already knows that there is inflation; and everyone already knows that you failed.

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