Jonatan Viale: “Cristina Kirchner collects personal enemies”

Jonatan Viale began this Monday’s broadcast of +Realidad (LN+) with his usual political column, in which he argued that the vice president Cristina Kirchner “is loaded with poison” and that “hurts people who cannot defend themselves because they are dead”.After greeting the audience, the journalist remarked: “We still haven’t taken the dimension of the international role played by Cristina Kirchner last week at the CCK.” And he recalled the words of the MEP for Italy, Nicolás Danti. “We are MEPs, we represent the European Parliament and the institutions. We are not extras for your Peronist propaganda. all this is unacceptable”, said the official.Cristina Kirchner’s speech at the CCK before MEPs (Photo: Ricardo Pristupluk/LA NACION)Ricardo PristuplukViale indicated that Cristina used the opening of sessions of an international parliament “to give President Fernández a chair of power and to talk about the death of the Judge Claudio Bonadio”. “Why this hatred? Why that poison? Why this evil? Very simply, Judge Claudio Bonadio handed down seven of the 13 prosecutions that Cristina had”, recalled the driver and maintained that the magistrate, in one of his trials, described her as the “chief of a gang” that collected bribes. “Do you understand why Cristina’s anger? He has so much anger that she came to tell him ‘gangster’ Y ‘gunslinger’ by national network. What’s more, in a court document, Cristina treats Bonadio as ‘judicial assassin’”, he indicated. And he remembered the day Cristina recorded a video to denounce that Bonadio had “taken” her house. “Three weeks ago, this house was, more than raided, literally taken over by the people that Bonadio sent here,” said the current vice president in 2018, a year before forming the Frente de Todos that would return her to power in the formula along with Alberto Fernandez.Judge Claudio Bonadio issued seven of the 13 prosecutions that Cristina Kirchner had (Photo: File)Judge Claudio Bonadio issued seven of the 13 prosecutions that Cristina Kirchner had (Photo: File)ArchivoViale also ranked Cristina Kirchner’s personal enemies. “As you will see, she has a collection of personal enemies.”, assured the journalist and ordered the top 5:1. Hector Magnetto2. Claudio Bonadio 3. Albert Nisman4. Mauricio Macri5. Margarita StolbizerThe driver also pointed out that Cristina returned to power basically for two things: to “turn and file all the causes of corruption against him”, and to take revenge on his enemies, still dead. “There are no codes. The sign of the desperation, the fury, the hate, the fury, the resentment that Cristina feels is that she hurts people who cannot defend themselves because they are dead.”, assured Viale and recalled the day that Aníbal Fernández “did the same with prosecutor Nisman”. He then mentioned the point in common between Nisman and Bonadio. “Both put Cristina Kirchner on the ropes and both had a very bad time investigating Cristina,” he remarked and asked viewers to reflect on that point.Alberto Nisman was found dead with a shot to the head in his apartment in Puerto Madero (Photo: File)Alberto Nisman was found dead with a shot to the head in his apartment in Puerto Madero (Photo: Archive)Archive “Think about it, the judges and prosecutors who investigated the lady had serious problems. Prosecutor Campagnoli investigated the ‘K’ money route and was fired from the prosecution. The prosecutor Taiano had to appeal the case of illicit enrichment of the Kirchner couple and a son was kidnapped. Prosecutor Stornelli investigated the ‘notebooks’ case and they filed a case against him. Prosecutor Nisman denounced Cristina for “treason against the country” and was found dead. Judge Bonadio prosecuted Cristina seven times and received all kinds of missiles, “he said. And he added:” It was never easy to investigate her, much less if that investigation ends in prosecution. And much less if that prosecution ends in conviction.

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