Jessica Biel Replaces Elizabeth Moss in ‘Candy’ Drama Series

As per the latest reports, Elizabeth Moss has been replaced by Jessica Biel to play the lead role in Hulu’s upcoming series Candy. Read more about this in the given article.

Crime-Drama Series Candy

Candy is the upcoming horror thriller series of Hulu. The web series is based on a real life story about a woman charged of a murder.

The series is set up in Texas around a lady named as Candy Montgomery. She has everything that a peaceful and simple person would need in life. She has a loving husband, a daughter, a son and a beautiful house. All her life turns upside down as she is charged of a murder case in a church.

The series will depict her story fully. Why did she kill her church friend? What circumstances let her do so? And the whole court trial, these are the few aspects on which the series will truly be focussing.

But, the news that is in the air is that the lead actress in the series has been replaced.

Elizabeth Moss has been Replaced by Jessica Biel

Earlier, Elizabeth Moss was signed by the makers of ‘Candy’ to play the role of Candy Montgomery in the thriller drama series.

The actress is well known for playing the role of June Osborne in the series Handmaid’s tale. The actress and the series both won the Emmy award due to the exceptional masterpiece.

In Candy, Elizabeth Moss was also one of the executive producers. But, she has been replaced from the series due to some scheduling conflicts. Now, she won’t be producing the same either.

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But, the admirers of this series must not feel low. The actress has been replaced by another talented gem of acting, Jessica Biel.

Who wouldn’t be familiar with the amazing TV series ‘The Sinner’. It was Jessica Biel who played the role of Cora Tannetti in the series. 

Now, after the exit of Elizabeth Moss from this project, Jessica Biel has been selected to play the main lead in Candy. Jessica will also act as the executive producer of the show along with her producing partner Michelle Purple under the name of their joint company Iron Ocean.

Possible Reasons for the Replacement

The actors and the makers of the series have not revealed much about their actions. But, as told by the media and other resources, it is being predicted that Elizabeth Moss crossed the deadline of working on some other project and couldn’t carry on with ‘Candy’ shooting.

That’s why the makers forced her to leave the project.

The next project of Elizabeth Moss is not public yet but her fans can obviously witness her in the fourth season of The Handmaid’s tale released in April, 2021 only.

These all are the updates that we know, till now, about the upcoming series Candy. One thing that the fans can be assured of, is that this series will set new standards of movie making when it comes to real life adaption.

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