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If you are someone who has watched the true crime docuseries Tiger King at Netflix, it is head to assume you won;t be familiar with the big cat owner, ‘Tiger King’ aka Joe Exotic, who ended up in the prison after being convicted of animal abuse charges and murder for hire charge.

As shown in the docuseries, his zoo in Oklahoma, ‘Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park’, is co-owned by the Lowe couple, Jeff Lowe and Lauren Lowe who reopened the park in 2018. We saw in the docuseries that Jeff suggested Joe to give the ownership under his name after Joe’s legal troubles were not getting stalled. After Joe Exotic got sentenced for 22 years in prison, the Lowe couple took over the charge and became the full owners of the zoo. But who is Jeff Lowe? And where is he now? 

Jeff Lowe's
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Who Is Jeff Lowe?

Jeff Lowe in simpler terms is a man who took over Joe Exotic’s operations and his globally famous zoo of exotic animals. Born in DeWitt, Michigan in the 1960s, he graduated from Easter High School in Lansing in 1982, and soon he got tangled into the wires of the big cat world. 

Jeff Lowe: The Criminal Background

Before meeting Joe Exotic, the man himself had his name registered in the local police station with plenty of criminal records under his name. In 2007, Prince sued Lowe for allegedly selling the singer’s trademarked clothes. The very next year, he pleaded guilty to federal mail fraud. In 2015, the current owner of JE’s zoo met the Tiger King. Lowe made huge loads of cash for offering private rides with tiger cubs around the streets of Las Vegas. 

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Jeff Lowe: What Is His Net Worth?

Jeff started working as a manager for Evel and Robbie Knievel, the famous Hollywood stuntmen, before he became the owner of Joe Exotic’s zoo. Knivel’s combined net worth at that time was noted to be around $13 million, out of which Jeff received cuts which landed nearly a hundred thousand dollars in his pocket every year. In 2016, it was reported that Jeff was a millionaire. As reported by Cinemaholic, his net worth is greater than $5 million and less than $10 million, most of which he earned from the zoo. 


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