James Arthur speaks about his dating partners and that he treated them badly

James Arthur

“Some girls” were “treated badly” by James Arthur throughout the years, he has said. “A few hearts” have been broken since he appeared on The X Factor in 2012, and the 33-year-old singer admits to feeling bad about some of his actions.

I “broke a few hearts along the line and I absolutely treated some females in an unjustifiable way on The True Geordie Podcast, he acknowledged.

There are James Arthur dating partners you must know. Is There a Secret to Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine physique? When it comes to his transformation, this is it in full detail. “Suddenly, there was no corruption involved in acquiring females. Performing a gig, meeting a girl, and then DMing her nonstop quickly turns into an all-out sex fest. It is a lot of validation.

In spite of this, your performance is well above your abilities. Knowing that a female was interested in her was enough to make it worthwhile to avoid seeing them. There have been times in the past when I have gotten into problems because of it.”

How long has James Arthur been single?

Jessica Grist and James Arthur have been together for a few years now. She is a professional dancer who frequently shares photos of Arthur with her followers on social media platforms like Instagram.

When James was a participant on The X Factor back in the year 2012, he met Grist, a dancer on the show. She has also worked with Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, and Jason Derulo as a backup dancer.

On tonight’s (Sunday, December 2) episode of The X Factor on ITV, 2012 winner James Arthur will sing a duetalong with the famous Anne-Marie from the all-star tribute album to The Greatest Showman, Rewrite the Stars, from his new album. Rumors of his relationship with Rita Ora have been widely reported since he won The X Factor.

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James, on the other hand, feels that meeting Jessica Grist, a dancer, was a turning point in his life. The Say You Will not Let Go singer revealed that Jessica has  “difficult moments” in his life and that he is “indebted to her.”

Because of his prior focus on women’s affirmation, “Me and my missus, we have downs,” he said. The fact that I am here today proves that I am a believer in love and cooperation. Through her, I was able to get through some really difficult moments. As a result, I consider myself obliged to her. ” This is not the first time James has spoken openly about his mental health issues.


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