Jake Paul VS Mike Tyson In February 2022? What You Must Know

Jake Paul VS Mike Tyson

Legend Mike Tyson is 55 years old, but the million YouTuber and (self-proclaimed) fun boxer Jake Paul (24) has to reckon with a possibly fatal fight in a planned fight against “Iron Mike,” predicts a boxing world champion.

Jake Paul’s Boxing Career

One thing has to be left to the scandal of YouTuber Jake Paul: He has a nose for entertainment formats that appeal to audiences. The YouTuber, with a worldwide following of over 20 million people, has been holding boxing matches with well-known stars and starlets on his channel for some time now.

The YouTuber has boxed with stars such as wrestler Ben Askren, mixed martial artist Tyron Woodley, boxing promoter Floyd Mayweather and YouTube colleague AnEsonGib. In December, he will also face professional boxer Tommy Fury. The fight is particularly hyped on social media.

In addition, a fight with super boxing legend Mike Tyson should be scheduled in February. As a reminder: Tyson is 31 years older than Pau, but experts still don’t expect the YouTuber to have many chances. On the contrary, the fight could have FATALE consequences. 

“Mike Tyson is killing him!”

Tim Witherspoon, two-time heavyweight boxing world champion, warns Paul explicitly in an interview about his close friend and the much older Tyson – also world champion, with 50 of 58 won fights and an absolute legend!

“Mike Tyson would kill him,” said Witherspoon. Even if Paul was able to win all of his previous fights, the professional boxer warns: “Paul has never fought a professional and does compete against well-known opponents, but they are all out of shape or have no boxing experience.”

With Mike as an opponent, 55 years old or not, things look very different in the opinion of the professional: “Paul would have nothing against Mike in his hand. Mike might not even do anything bad to him and just play with him in the ring . But if things get serious, Paul would be dead.” In his career, Tyson knocked out 44 tough opponents that mean they fell over. Would Paul survive that? Angry and concerned, Witherspoon hopes the fight won’t be allowed. Because either the unequal clash would have to be faked, or Paul could lose his life with a hammer-hard blow from Iron Mike.

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