Is Rogue Company Crossplay Game?

‘First Watch Games’ is not a new name in the platform of game development. This franchise has given us a lot of adventurous and action-packed games in the past as well. One such multiplayer game is ‘Rogue Company’.

The game is a big hit among the gamers and in this article, we will be discussing the game being a cross-play or not.

The Rogue Company

Rogue Company is a tactical multiplayer game developed by First Watch Games under the Hi-Rez studios. The game has been exceptionally developed by The First Watch Games which has given us some amazing games like Paladins and Realm Royale in the past as well.

Rogue Company’s open beta was released on 1st October 2020 for Microsoft Windows and subsequently on November and March for Xbox and PlayStation. 

1. Storyline of the game

Rogue company is a multiplayer game in which two teams enter a battlefield by jumping from their airplanes at the beginning of the game. The teams are given various tasks and challenges to complete while competing with the other team for the sake of survival.

During the gameplay, the players can even buy and upgrade their weapons from the credits they earned by killing their enemies.

The game has a YouTube channel of its own having 81k subscribers. All the necessary announcements regarding the game, along with its gameplay can be seen there.

2. Game modes

The game offers a variety of game modes as well like extraction and strikeout. Each mode is distinguished by the others based on the objectives and the type of gameplay and missions.

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3. How to Get the Game?

There has been no level of excitement of the gamers since the game has been available on open beta. Now, it can be accessed by anyone and can be played on their respective devices.

What is cross-play?

In the video games which support online playing functioning, cross-play is an ability of the game to be played by different computer hardware being the same player and with the same status as earlier.

Suppose you are playing a game on an Xbox device and before leaving the game, you save your progress. Now you are to play the game from that point only from some other device and you can do it, then the game is said to be a cross-play.

Is Rogue Company a Crossplay game?

The answer to the above question is a clear “YES”. Rogue company is a cross-play game and one can easily access the same gameplay from other devices as well. 

How to Activate Crossplay in Rogue Company?

To do cross-play in Rogue Company, one must do the following:

  • Reach the Rogue Company website
  • Now select the platform of gameplay.
  • Then, log in using your credentials and link all your accounts to the website.
  • After this, you will be asked to choose a primary account, which should be the one in which you play most frequently.
  • This will help you to play through your primary account even with a different device.

One can refer to the video below for the same.

This is all about what one should know while discussing the feature of cross-play in Rogue Company. The game is a big hit among its fans and this feature just gives the game more of a user-friendly attitude.

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