Is Richard Madden Married or Dating? You need to Know

Richard Madden Married

Richard Madden is a 35 years old Scottish actor who rose to prominence in the industry by playing important roles in blockbuster films and television shows. The actor became well-known for the role of Robb Stark that he played in Game of Thrones and other films such as Cinderella and Rocketman. Recently he had been in the headlines because of his relationship status. His fans are dying to know whether he’s married, single, or dating. Read the article further to know the answer to what’s the relationship status of Richard Madden.

What is Richard’s Relationship Status?

Richard received an Outstanding Actor Award in 2018 for his portrayal of the titular character in the BBC series Bodyguard. Many of his admirers routinely inquire, “Is Richard Madden gay?” When both of them were seen together in Los Angeles, several reports arose from users claiming that Richard is dating actor Brandon Flynn. According to some of his followers’ theories, the star is bisexual.

Richard stated that it is a very weird way to begin limiting people’s casting solely based on their non-public life. He added that everyone wants to keep things interesting and make sure that everyone is described. There were speculations that the pair had broken up this year a few months later, in November.

Moreover, a source said that Brandon made it plain that he does not want to see Richard since he has requested that the Versace group not invite him to a birthday celebration they are hosting at the beginning of December. Richard prefers to keep these details private because he has previously refused to reveal them when asked about his sexuality.

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Richard and His Romance Life

The “Eternals” star relationship began when he filmed the Game of Thrones movie with English actress Jenna Coleman. Jenna was also chosen for an additional role in his favorite series called “Doctors Who.” Professionally, they were true to one other, but their romance did not endure long, ending in 2015.

The couple was discovered together in London a few months later in the same year, but they failed to cover up quickly. Richard Madden was sighted dating Laura Whitmore, an Irish TV presenter, in the year 2016. Their relationship didn’t endure long, and they split up after a few months. When both of them were photographed kissing in Ibiza the following year, it was speculated that Richard was dating English actress Eleanor Elizabeth Bamber. Unconfirmed allegations surfaced that he is dating Teen Wolf star, Froy Gutierrez, with the two quarantined together in 2020.


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