Is it necessary for Grand Designs UK, Mimi and Jimmy divorce in order for it to be successful?

Mimi and Jimmy divorce

Kevin McCloud returns to Grand Designs UK for a new season that will include even more out-of-the-ordinary homes than the previous one. Our favorite reality television show, Grand Designs UK, is returning to our screens on Thursday. And we thought it would be a good time to reflect back on some of the most memorable highlights and lowlights from the past two seasons.

Mimi and Jimmy divorce
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This is because drama is a given on this show – not on every construction. But there is enough misery to make you wonder why anybody would ever want to build a home that is unusual. Or huge enough to appear on this show in the first place.

Mimi and Jimmy divorce

Marriage separation and divorce, on the other hand, are among the most common types of separation and divorce. The most well-known example is Ed Short’s lighthouse construction project on the Devon coast. Which was a massive disaster during the previous season, according to local legend.

By the end of the episode, the house had been reduced to the status of a half-completed concrete ruin of a structure. His money had evaporated, and with it, his marriage had also gone to ruin.

The marriage of former Paralympian Mark Butler came to an end during the construction of his stunning new house. This was afterwards put on the market for sale. It is not known whether he was finally successful in maintaining it in his possession.

It was also displayed a poignant tale of former Paralympian Mark Butler. this struck a connection with the spectators in New Zealand. He set out to construct a dream house for his family, one that would be wheelchair accessible on all floors. Thus allowing him to finally sit down and read goodnight stories to his young children after years of struggling.

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He was forced to sell his gorgeous new home

Just a few days after the show aired since the couple separated before the building could be completed. But because they wanted it to be so huge, they were compelled to make a compromise on the glass walls because they lacked the cash to complete the project as planned.

The glass that should have been installed on the front of the house was instead replaced by huge wood panels that stretched over the whole façade. Any similarities to the glass pavilion were tossed out the window since they were deemed to be unrelated to the situation.

Unfortunately, this episode was marred by tragedy, as the builder passed suddenly while the project was still in the early stages of construction.


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