Iridescence, the visual phenomenon around the sun that worries everyone on the networks: “It’s the end, friends”

A rare phenomenon appeared this weekend in the skies of Puning, a small city in southern China. It is a iridescence, an optical phenomenon in which the tones of light vary depending on the angle of illumination and viewing of it. In this case, it was seen above a cloud a bright circular arc that impressed the inhabitants of the place. Different videos and photographs went viral this Saturday when the phenomenon that occurred in the middle of the afternoon with the sun hiding and above the houses of a Chinese neighborhood was revealed. Iridescence, the visual phenomenon around of the sun that worries everyone in the networksHowever, they all impact by color turquoise, yellow, lilac Y blue which has the circular arc in the sky, as if it were a film or edited image. Another particularity is the cloud shape where this phenomenon occurred thanks to the sunlight, which looked like a piece of mountain floating in the sky. In Argentina, a user shared the fragment and wrote: “It’s the end friends”. The comments were not long in coming and some took the opportunity to make a joke about it: “I don’t know what the… is that, but a few centuries ago you put together 2 or 3 religions with less”, wrote one tweeter, while another stated: “The signal that the markets were waiting for”. One of the videos is filmed from the window of one of the houses in Puning and another fragment is from the road. China decided to combat the drought that affects several countries in the northern hemisphere shooting silver iodide rods into the sky to bring more rain to their crucial Yangtze Riverwhich has dried up in parts, as swathes of the nation grapple with the worst heat wave ever recorded.The Yangtze River, Asia’s longest waterway, is now in record low levelsand in some sections there has been less than half of the usual rains, for which hydropower reservoirs are currently halvedofficials say. The Ministry of Water Resources said on Wednesday that drought in the entire Yangtze River Basin was “adversely affecting the drinking water safety of rural people and livestock, and the growth of crops.” Hubei province in central China was the latest to announce that it would seed clouds, using silver iodide rods to induce rain. Silver iodide rods – often the size of a cigarette – are fired into existing clouds to help form ice crystals. Those crystals help the cloud produce more rain, making its moisture content heavier and more likely to precipitate.Cloud seeding is a practice that has been carried out since the 1940s and China has the largest program in the world in this area. You already used cloud seeding before the Beijing Olympics in 2008 to guarantee a dry season during the event. The technique can also be used to induce snowfall or soften hail.

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