iPhone 13 ProRes Feature: Everything You Need To Know

This time, iPhone has announced ”beauty” in the form of the iPhone via its virtual conference and we just can’t get enough of it.

The virtual event of Apple was live this time where the announcement of all the newly introduced lineup was introduced to the world. The iPhone 13 was already the subject and we could find a regular iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini launched during the event.

However, the company also launched two more Pro models that have enhanced features and don’t really exist in a regular iPhone 13.

Oh and don’t even get me started on the expenses, we are all aware of how expensive iPhone models and this time, it’s a ”Pro”. Therefore, be ready to have a hole in your pocket.

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO said, “Our Pro lineup pushes the limits with our most advanced technologies for users who want the very best iPhone,”

We have got it all covered for you, keep reading to find out every bit about the latest models.

iPhone ProRes – What is it bringing?

Familiar with the ”Potrait” mode feature, right? What if I tell you about having a ”video version” embedded in ”Potrait Mode”?

Sounds strange? Well, not for the new models of iPhone that are going to bring you video for Potrait mode! You can then record your video in a ”ProRes”, which is a high-quality video format. The iPhone ProRes feature is ”filter”, will help in adding depth and enhancing the quality and colors of the images.

The ”ProRes” feature is going to be the highlight of the iPhone 13. This feature is one of the reasons why people should buy the newly launched model. Also, iPhone 12 will now go on sale for the upcoming weeks, at least that’s what we are hoping.

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With the new way to record videos, as they are calling it the ‘ProRes’ mode, iPhone users are going to experience something completely new. It will become easy to capture videos and clips in higher resolution and in better quality.

The ”ProRes” feature is mainly and primarily used by professional video editors in the filming industry. ProRes is good with both i.e. HD and 4K resolutions. Both are likely to work wonders.

If you remember, the ”ProRAW” feature was introduced last year, and ”ProRes” is nothing but a follower. However, the only difference is, ”ProRAW” was intended for images whereas ProRes totally circulates over video recording and is available only for Pro models.

Speaking of the Pro Models. here is the current price tag on the newly launched models.

  • iPhone 13 Mini – $699
  • iPhone 13 – $799

The Pro Models: –

  • iPhone 13 Pro – $999; Display – 6.1 inch
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max – $1,099; Display – 6.7 inch

Time to plan your next iPhone 13 Model.


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