Invasion Episode 7 Latest Update, Coming Or Cancelled?

Invasion Episode 7

Invasion is a science fiction series that follows the story of an alien invasion. A species of aliens visit the earth in order to gain control over the entire world and dominate it. This invasion threatens entire human existence and puts the human race in a situation that must be handled heads on or else they could be wiped away from their existence. It follows 5 regular human beings as they witness the massive chaos and changes happening in the surroundings as the alien invasion takes place and they are left with no choice other than to strive for survival. The urge to survive in difficult situations and the hope to see a better tomorrow keeps them alive and fighting for the greater cause. Since there is not enough information available about the circumstances and the situations they try to make sense of what is happening by themselves and we see the chain of events through their eyes which is an interesting take on the part of the directors.

Episode seven: release date and much more

Ever since the release of this series people have been speculating about what will happen next. The first episode along with the next two episodes of Season 1  premiered together on October 22, 2021. All the next episodes that are a total of seven episodes of the first season were then announced to broadcast weekly on Friday. After waiting patiently for quite some time now the fans of the series are said to receive good news as episode 7 of Invasion will finally Air on November 19 20 21 at 12 p.m. ET on Apple TV +. So it’s time to send back and relax while watching how the story unfolds for the characters and to what extent they are willing to go in order to survive.

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Spoilers for episode 7

Episode 7 is titled hope. In this episode, Ahmed injuries may prove to be much more severe than they were thought to be. Aneesha might have to perform emergency surgery on him which may lead to him hallucinating. If we talk about the character development forward he gets to learn from an Afghan family that a collision base with over 1000 soldiers was destroyed he may or may not get to travel with him Casper and his friends will meet a woman who will make them aware of the alien invasion and their world will come crashing Anisha and her family what we say for the duration in a shelter we will get to know more about a niches back story that she was actually a medical student who became pregnant and had to drop out of the medical school however she never regretted had the season and episode 7 will tell us more about the characters and the events will unfold to make the story even more interesting.


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