International Day of Domestic Workers: why it is celebrated today and what are the current claims

The March 30th of the year 1988 was proclaimed the International Day of Domestic Workers thanks to the first great Congress of Domestic Workers, which took place in Bogotá, Colombia. One of the most important points that was debated within this congress was the discrimination suffered by people engaged in this work, the lack of laws, the need for a decent payment for their work and the right to social protection by the states.These claims led the United Nations (UN) to proclaim in 2011, through the International Labor Organization (ILO), a historic treaty where an Agreement was created to ensure Decent Work for Workers/ as Domestic, thus generating the first regulatory document of this type of economic activity.

How to process a retirement without contributions, for care tasks

Since the middle of last year, the Government approved a plan so that women over 60 who have worked at home and have no contributions can access a retirement pension. The measure reaches 155,000 potential beneficiarieswho can enroll in this facility, which contemplates computing the children to access the necessary contributions to achieve retirement. The program, called “recognition of periods of contributions for care tasks”, allows one year is counted as contributed for each child, as a general rule, and two years for each child who has been adopted as a minor. In turn, also Extended recognition is granted in the case of children with disabilities or for whom the Universal Child Allowance (AUH) has been collected for at least 12 months. To enroll in the program, you must first review the information corresponding to the children in the personal account of “Mi Anses”. All this it can be checked in the “Personal Information” tab and then in “Family Relations”. In the event that a child is not registered, the domestic worker who requests the pension must request a shift in Anses and present the birth certificate and DNI of the corresponding child. If the information is complete, then the domestic worker must , in turn, request a shift in Anses to request the pension. The procedure requires DNI, birth certificate and adoption decree or Certificate of Disability (CUD)in case it is necessary.

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