Internal: Carlos Maslatón accused Javier Milei’s sister of leading the libertarian space “to catastrophe”

After the scarce convocation of the first act in the Buenos Aires suburbs, the internal one exploded inside the libertarian space that surrounds Javier Miles. the leader Carlos Maslaton launched furious criticism on Saturday against the deputy’s sister, Karina Miles, and against the shipowner Carlos Kikuchi and accused them of leading the movement “to catastrophe”. “Milei must listen to the people or it will collapse. In the last six months he was surrounded by the Karina-Kikuchi axis, two unbalanced that are leading it to disaster. They look like two infiltrators from Sombrilla Larreta, ”Maslatón stated in one of his messages, in which he also ranted against the head of the Buenos Aires government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta.Carlos Maslatón, Javier Milei’s “free pointer” asked to redirect the course of the campaign. Gerardo Viercovich Maslatón, a lawyer by profession, is a former Buenos Aires legislator from the UCeDé who defines himself as a “free pointer” for Milei. Last year he gained importance from his contribution to the economist’s campaign. After the low turnout for the recent event at the The Future Clubin Gerli, the leader showed his disgust with the latest movements in the space. “All the liberal militants of the Argentine Republic support Javier Milei President 2023 to death. But none of us is going to accept any more orders from Karina Milei, cheap dictator and ignorant in all respects, nor of the infiltrated traitor of Carlos Kikuchi”, he shot in his networks. Karina Milei, the deputy’s younger sister, is one of the campaign’s strategists. She is part of the economist’s inner circle and has her full backing. “He is the most wonderful human being on the planet.”, has been defined by the author of “El Camino del libertario”. In addition, he said that, if he arrived at the Casa Rosada, she would assign him the role of first lady. As a detachment from the act in Gerli, Maslatón exposed a showdown between the sector that responds to the deputy’s sister and Carlos Kikuchi and the core Allies Advance (ALA)”, in which he was included together with the Buenos Aires legislator and broker Ramiro Mara. as counted THE NATION, ALA organized an initiative to transfer militants in buses to the suburbs. “The great star of the night in Gerli was neither Milei, nor Dipy, nor Karina, nor Kikuchi. The political star was the head of Avanzan los Aliados, the great Ramiro Marra. Master of mobilization, he was magnanimous in his victory and collaborated with five columns for the act of the contras”, he asserted.Javier Milei's act at the El Porvenir club had little call.Javier Milei’s act at the El Porvenir club had few calls. Throughout different tweets, Maslatón compared Javier Milei’s sister, Karina, and Carlos Kikuchi, Domingo Cavallo’s former press officer and owner of the presidential campaign, with Maria Estela Martinez, “Isabelita”Y Jose Lopez RegaPart of questioned environment of Juan Domingo Peron in his last years in power. “Karina is Kikuchi and Kikuchi is Karina. Not to be deceived. Isabel was López Rega and López Rega was Isabel. We, Allies Advance, are national-syndicalism. The leader Milei (Perón) must react. Before the Karina-Kikuchi Axis leads to irreversible catastrophe”, he emphasized. As he tweeted, Maslatón began to debate with Milei’s followers on Twitter regarding his assessments. Nevertheless, he maintained the level of criticism of him. He in fact he awarded to Karina Milei believing herself to be the “owner of the movement” and made reference to North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un and her sister, the diplomat Kim Yo-jong to draw differences regarding the leadership. “Milei’s sister is one more militant. She is not, and can never be, the owner of the Movement. La Libertad Avanza is Argentine liberalism. Milei is not Kim Jong-un nor is Karina Milei will ever allow herself to be like her criminal sister Kim Yo-jong. The Allies are advancing”, he stated. In his messages, the leader maintained that Carlos Kikuchi decided to “expose the war to public opinion” and stated that his space “was only defending itself”. “But, in addition, politics are internal. It is natural”, he added. In that sense, he insisted on his criticism against Kikuchi. “Suspicions in Argentine liberalism are growing every day that Carlos Kikuchi, for his destructive resolutions against Javier Milei, works at the service of the interests of the communist presidential candidate Horacio “Sombrilla” Larreta, our greatest enemy”, he warned. Facing the debate on Twitter, Maslatón took time and again to clarify his support for the economist by 2023. However, he stressed the need to apply changes to the strategy and even proposed reviewing previous events.“ I support Javier Milei President. But Milei’s environment is destroying him and it is urgent to take him down and for Milei to reunite with the liberal people, like in the Netherlands, Lezama and Luna Park,” he said. In an interview with C5N this Sunday, Maslatón ratified the posts made on Twitter and took the opportunity to send a message to Milei: “I turn to the leader of our movement to tell him to bring order. I make these demonstrations so that he corrects his course before falling.” Then, he insisted that “whatever decisions Milei makes, I am not going to change parties.” “I have nothing to lose. I am not a politician. I am just a collaborator. What I don’t want is for him to end up throwing such a campaign in the trash for surrounding himself with bad people”, he remarked. And he completed: “I reiterate. I’m not going anywhere and now, at this moment, I’m making it clear to Milei which is the way out to the intern. He has to remove Kikuchi and make his sister his personal secretary. She doesn’t have to lead the movement. Because if it goes on like this, will end with political disappearance”.

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